September 27, 2022

Riding for Jesus

Adventist Motorcycle Ministry biker festival takes Serbia by storm.

Vanesa Pizzuto, Trans-European Division News
[Photos: courtesy of Dejan Lukic]

When more than 300 bikers roared into the Serbian village of Gospođinci for Motofest 2022, it was an opportunity for them not only to celebrate their passion but also to enjoy great food and learn about Jesus.

The event was organized by the Serbian chapter of the Adventist Motorcycle Ministry (AMM). Dejan Lukic, AMM Serbian chapter president, beamed with joy and delight at the attendance. “We did not expect so many people. It was amazing!” he said. “We had more than 300 bikers, distributed 400 books … and welcomed representatives of 46 motorcycle clubs. The church in Europe has never experienced an event like this before.”

While the festival had all the hallmarks of a good two-wheeled event — a ride through the stunning countryside, great food, music, and even some motorcyclist acrobatics — it was more than just that because the organizers created it as an opportunity to serve the community and naturally share their faith.

AMM Serbia 630
[Photos: courtesy of Dejan Lukic]

“Everything was free: the food, the books, the health checks … people were in awe!” Lukic said. “We invited four pastors and gave them the opportunity to preach during the event. They talked about the second coming of Jesus, and how He wants us to take care of body, mind, and soul.”

Lukic said they did not serve alcohol and played Christian music throughout the event. “Additionally, health practitioners performed 50 ultrasound examinations, and we had a booth to donate blood.” By the end of the event, “everybody wanted to take home our T-shirts with the AMM logo. The influence of AMM is growing. Now everybody knows us and talks about us,” Lukic said.

Dreaming about the future of AMM Serbia, Lukic shared some plans. “We talked to our friends from the Adventist Development and Relief Agency [ADRA] to borrow their mobile health care vehicle. We are going to take this truck to the events we attend, to continue offering free health checks,” Lukic said. “I cannot wait to see what God will do. I know God has a plan and a mission for every biker in Europe.”

The original version of this story was posted on the Trans-European Division news site.