New Adventist Hospital Opens Its Doors in Indonesia

Health facility is the fifth in Indonesia, the twentieth in the Southern Asia-Pacific Division.

Women in Guam and Micronesia Search for ‘Deeper Healing’

Local leaders’ training event focuses on getting to the root of personal problems.

Dominican Health Professionals Commit to ‘Rise Up and Shine’

Adventist health-care practitioners from across the Republic meet to network and be inspired.

Adventist Media Launches Videos in Australian Sign Language

The initiative seeks to increase resources available to the Deaf community in the region.

Leaders Call New Generations to Step Up in Puerto Rico

Festival of the Laity seeks to empower members in a region impacted by emigration.

Cyclone Doesn’t Stop Baptismal Ceremony in Fiji

Pastors, members, and candidates weathered the heavy rains and winds to proceed.

Andrews University Holds Key Board Corporation Meeting

The first in seven years, it included final presidential report by retiring Andrea Luxton.

Avondale and ADRA Bring Affordable Counseling to Community

Collaboration initiative is supporting people’s mental health around the university.

Adventist Church in Costa Rica Inaugurates New Radio Studio, Offices

Property was a gift of Adventist World Radio to the regional church administration.

Shane Anderson to Serve as Lead Pastor of Pioneer Memorial Church

He was selected to replace Dwight Nelson, who retires on June 1.

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