GC Secretary Calls Leaders to Fund Mission Across Borders

Erton Köhler reminds local church members that Seventh-day Adventists are a family.

A Spring Bounce for the Region

A commentary on the recent Trans-European Division Midyear Meetings.

Out-of-the-Box Church Keeps Connecting With a Secular, Urban Public

In Madrid, Spain, Iglesia CERO is making inroads in a previously unreached population.

The Holy Spirit Comes Again to Athens

Greece Christ for Europe initiative included evangelism in Athens in Paul’s footsteps.

Would Anyone Miss Us?

A local church in Australia knew nobody would. So they decided to change for the better. Ashley Stanton, Adventist Record

From a Cave to a Church

One congregation’s search for a permanent place of worship in Peru.

‘We Are One Family in Jesus Christ.’

Local church in Prague brings out the best of an international Adventist community.

A Long-suffering Mission to Cuba

Maranatha’s faithful and patient ministry in the country has spanned three decades.

Grace in the Mock Trial Classroom

Washington Adventist University 2023 participation became a witnessing opportunity.

Unprecedented Evangelistic Initiative Kicks Off Across Europe

Christ for Europe will share the message in thousands of venues across the continent.

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