Adventist Church Calls for Safeguarding Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Delegates to Cambodia event commit to empowerment of those who most need it.

Young Adult Tour’s Fourth Stop Engages Members in Mid-America

Message zeroes in on encouraging all generations to grow together in faith.

Corporate Volunteering Connects with Seniors in the Czech Republic

Initiatives throughout 2023 were coordinated by the ADRA office in that nation.

Women in Ministry Are ‘Called, Chosen, and Faithful’

Conference brings more than 60 Adventist women to Italy for training and reflection.

‘God Would Never Let Me Go.’

A young adult in Australia shares how the Lord led through her spiritual ups and downs.

In England, Evangelism Expo Emphasizes a Renewed Mission

“Christ in our hearts, Christ in our homes, Christ in our churches, Christ on the streets.”


God has played a significant role in the naming of His people

Conflict Resolution Team Travels to Ukraine to Support Pastors

Facilitator reflects on his visit and his exchanges with Ukrainian Adventist church members.

How I Became an Adventist Teacher

Teaching can be a low-paying job with long hours and hard labor. And yet …

When We Answer the Call to Help ‘The Least of These’

Adventist Community Services keeps looking for news ways to involve church members in serving others.

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