Miniature Sweaters

Today, I was not thankful at all that my husband washed our dirty laundry.

Prayer Warrior or Prayer Bully?

Coaches, football, and mid-field devotion

A Church of Contrasts

A hybrid General Conference Session, postponed by the pandemic, reveals the challenges of diversity in the church.

Learning and Fun at Ellen White’s House in Australia

In costume, workers greeted visiting students and discussed White’s work and legacy.

‘You Are Enough’

PK Journey at CALLED Convention seeks to encourage and support pastors’ kids.

Photograph Discovered of Pioneer Adventist Woman Minister

Photo of Sarah Lindsey publicly shared for the first time at CALLED pastors’ convention.

New Generations of a Compassionate Church

The Adventist Church can become a welcoming refuge for those with various disabilities.

Confessions of a Church-State Separationist 

Carson v. Makin and aid to religious schools

Characters or Computers?

We try to remove bias in our biblical interpretation, but perhaps we should embrace it.

SonRise Resurrection Pageant Turns 25

Hundreds of volunteers participate in the annual tradition to share the Good News.

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