How to Stick with Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Often, a wholistic approach is the best way to go, AdventHealth experts say.

Is It Possible to Live with No Fear of Death?

What a funeral like no other reminded me about the hope we have in our Rock.

One Conspiracy Theory Adventists Can Support

How can we distinguish the genuine from the fake?

Homeless but Hopeful at Canadian Camp

A year after a devastating fire, Adventist-managed facilities continue providing shelter.

Can We Walk Away from Dementia?

The Scriptures describe the height of communion with God in the language of walking.

Impossible Problem Meets God of the Impossible

How ADRA Canada is helping fight hunger in a region gripped by famine

Tangled in Transition

Living well through change

What a Waste!

Most of the literature we distribute ends up in landfills. Is it worth it?

Adventist Camp in Hawaii Gets Much-Needed Facelift

The facilities are being revitalized thanks to multiple teams of volunteers, leaders said.

Local Church in the U.S. Receives a $1 Million Gift

When a pastor knelt to pray, God answered in a way he had not anticipated.

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