A Hospital for Sinners?

The job of a church is to help people heal, not to convince them they are not sick.

My Jackhammer Faith

A Seventh-day Adventist leader shares how he witnessed God providing in his life.

How Adventist Food Companies Support the Church’s Mission

Executives share initiatives that increase the visibility of the health and gospel messages.

‘God Loves Those Who Died as Much as Those He Saved’

An obstetrician in Türkiye comes to grips with tragedy in the wake of the earthquake.

‘We Are All Called to Be Ambassadors for Jesus’

NAD eHuddle event discusses best ministerial practices, listening to innovators.

Stand Up Like Jeremiah

With sensitive courage, all of us can be as faithful and committed as the prophet was.

On ChatGPT, Education, and Compassion

The challenge of artificial intelligence is to convert society from being data driven to value driven.

Adventist Young Professionals Organize for Mission

In the U.S. Mid-America region, young Adventists are connected and inspired to glorify God.

Why Black History Matters: A Theological Perspective

I believe there are compelling reasons for Christians to recognize Black history.

Art for Creation Sabbath Shares the Salvation Promise

Created by Steve Creitz, the image points to the New Creation all of us are longing for.

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