Ministries Emphasize Caring for Children’s Emotional Health

The objective is to alert parents of dangers and help them strengthen their children.

Adventist Women Mobilize for Outreach and Ministry in Japan

Leaders were encouraged and empowered to ‘Reflect Beauty’ in churches, communities.

Spanish Association for Adventist University Students Celebrates 50 Years

Organization has a key role in helping students keep their faith during college years.

ADRA Austria Project in Nepal Focuses on Sustainable Development

Agricultural initiative highlights need to aim for long-term profitability.

Why Old-Fashioned Adventist Radio Broadcasting Is Still Relevant in Italy

The first full-time Adventist radio station in Europe opened in Florence in 1979.

International Evangelist Doug Batchelor Leads Revival Amid Heat Wave

Meetings in India provide a much-needed spiritual awakening, attendees said.

Himalayan Section Observes Adventist Possibility Ministries Sabbath

People with disabilities were celebrated and affirmed.

Kids for Jesus Season 2 Resulted in More than 1,100 Baptisms

Initiative in southern Philippines helps children develop spiritual skills, leaders say.

Bakery Store in Thailand Opens Doors for Community Worship

Place has become a hub for those who seek physical and spiritual nourishment.

TED Adventurer and Pathfinder Bible Experience Finals in the Netherlands

Winning is temporary, but knowing God is for eternity.

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