Adventist World Radio Launches New FM Station in Manila, Philippines

DWAV 89.1 FM has the potential to reach more than 14 million people living in the area.

Melo Anadem Adap-Ong, North Philippine Union Conference, Southern Asia-Pacific Division, and Adventist Review
Adventist World Radio Launches New FM Station in Manila, Philippines
Leaders from the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, North Philippine Union Conference, Adventist World Radio, and Blockbuster Broadcasting System, Inc. celebrate the inaugural broadcast of AWR Manila on DWAV 89.1 FM. [Photo: Southern Asia-Pacific Division]

Adventist World Radio (AWR) Manila held an inauguration ceremony on April 24 to officially launch its broadcast on DWAV 89.1 FM. AWR has remained unwavering in its mission to bring the message of hope to the world’s unreached communities in their mother tongues, and this pivotal achievement heralds new avenues to broadcast the message of hope and healing through the airwaves, local and regional church leaders said.

Since 2018, AWR Manila has been in search of a suitable radio station to serve as its broadcasting platform. After meeting with various radio stations, they entered into a management agreement with Blockbuster Broadcasting System, Inc. (BBSI). This venture, which took more than a year to finalize, culminated in a contract signing on March 10. 

Rabi Velasco, North Philippine Union Conference (NPUC) treasurer, described the endeavor as “purely providential,” adding, “I believe God is certainly at work in mysterious and miraculous ways at His appointed time.” 

AWR president Duane McKey and his wife, Cathy, attended the event. It was McKey’s determination to secure a radio station that spurred the NPUC to action. “It is just amazing what God has in store for AWR,” McKey said. “God is going to do something special with 89.1 FM.” He also invited church members to actively engage in the radio ministry, stating the need for more broadcasters. “We always need more broadcasters. There’s a spot for you on the radio.”

McKey also reminded the audience attending the inauguration ceremony, “All our broadcast should be focused on reaching people for Jesus so this work can be finished, and we can get off of this old bowl of mud and go home. That is why we do what we do.”

Officers and representatives from sister unions in the Philippines, the Southern Asia-Pacific Division, as well as officers and directors from missions, conferences, and health-care and educational institutions in the NPUC territory were also present.

The mayor of Pasay City, Imelda “Emi” Calixto-Rubiano, a staunch supporter of the Adventist Church in the area, also attended the ceremony and offered words of encouragement. “There is nothing more heartfelt, genuine, and uplifting than the words of the Savior,” she said.

Calixto-Rubiano also emphasized her commitment to AWR. “From today and the years to come, we will be in support of you and your endeavors in action, faith, and on air.” She concluded her speech with a warm offer of assistance. “If there’s anything that I can be of assistance with, even from womb to tomb, please don’t hesitate to visit me or call me, and I will gladly assist you the best way I can,” she said.

AWR Manila’s launch on DWAV 89.1 FM is a significant breakthrough in the development of the radio ministry in the Mega Manila region, with the potential to reach more than 14 million of its residents, regional church leaders emphasized. AWR Manila has found its new home and broadcasting platform to share gospel truths, uplifting music, and various topics on health, stewardship, family, and relationships, with the goal of leading individuals into a fruitful and meaningful life with Jesus, they added. “As its tagline suggests, AWR 89.1 FM is committed to ‘Transmitting Truth, Transforming Lives,’ ” they said.

This story is based on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division version. The original NPUC version by Melo Anadem Adap-Ong was posted on Facebook.

Melo Anadem Adap-Ong, North Philippine Union Conference, Southern Asia-Pacific Division, and Adventist Review