‘Maybe God Allowed Me to Live So I Can Encourage People’

Pancreatic cancer survivor calls other patients to never give up.

AdventHealth Nurse Is 1 of 5 Honored Worldwide as Magnet Nurse of the Year

Palliative care nurse recognized for her professional leadership and contributions.

U.S. Pathfinder Member Finds Transformative Mission in Philippine Island

Emory Kelley dedicated eight months to a multifaceted role in service to others.

Richly Blessed, Richly Blessing

George Wells’ legacy of invests in Adventist school in Chicago.

18-year-old’s New Heart Is a Second Chance at Life

Emily Conant found hope thanks to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

“Doctor Cold” Helps 500 People Find Jobs in the Refrigeration Business

Adventist businessman offers free training courses and Bible studies.

Medical Mission Bridges Health-care Gaps in Malaysia

Partnership delivered essential services to underserved community on a remote island.

Longtime Adventist Stockman Gains Media Spotlight with His Cherished Bible

89-year-old Kevin Goldsworthy was featured for the International Day of Older Persons.

Christians on Science Film Released in Five Additional Languages for Creation Sabbath

In just 5 minutes, the animated film explores deep questions and provides answers.

Adventist Pastor Receives Gold Medal from Jamaica’s Governor General

Jermaine Johnson was honored for his contribution to programs that benefit society.

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