From Grandma with Love

When Giselle, 4, needed a kidney transplant, her grandmother Isabel didn’t hesitate.

Life’s Brevity and Last Words

“I went into surgery with the hope that it was not the end,” Michael McKay recalls.

A Day in the Nursing Life

Three Adventist HealthCare nurses share what ignites their passion for caring for others.

Nurses: A Life-Saving Dedication

In the U.S., National Nurses Week highlights the role of a profession based on care.

Indigenous School in the U.S. Works to Map the Future of Its Graduates

Career shadowing opportunity showcases how to open up options for student advancement.

‘Church Leaders Should Be Health Educators as Much as Gospel Preachers’

Graduating lifestyle medicine student responds to health crisis in the Solomon Islands.

Health Professionals Challenged to Embrace Adventist Health Ministry

“The more perfect our health, the more perfect our labor,” leader tells them.

Running for Adventist Education and Child Hunger in Colorado

Local church initiative in the U.S. drives a community to support good causes.

Art as a Spiritual Experience

Artist Shona Macomber explains how she seeks to glorify God through her artwork.

From Instagram to Baptism

Serbian digital evangelist leads teens to baptism by sharing Bible prophecies.

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