Nurse Donates Kidney to Give Teen Greater Odds at Finding Perfect Match

Carly Decker works at AdventHealth Avista’s surgery center in Louisville, Colorado.

Translator for Two Generations of GC Presidents Has a Heart for Mission

A retired pastor, Jonathan Wera raises funds to open gospel work in hard-to-reach places.

Smiles and Tears Mark Reaction of Man after Cataract Surgery in PNG

A volunteer coordinator shares some highlights of her recent experience at health clinic.

‘Worship Christ, Serve Others’: Columbia Union in the U.S. Has New President

Marcellus Robinson brings a lifetime of dedicated ministry to a new role.

A Challenge Becomes an Opportunity for Mission in St. Croix

Abraham Schrock turned loss into blessing as he helped with church rebuilding.

‘The Hopeful,’ Film about Adventist Origins, Debuts in Theaters

‘I think a lot of those misconceptions that Adventists maybe aren’t mainstream Christians, I think they’re going to be challenged,’ said director and co-producer Kyle Portbury.

‘Pastor, Could We Break the Ice?’

A young woman showed that nothing would stop her from public profession of giving her heart to Jesus.

Andrews University Student Wins Major Music Award

K-Anthony’s Arrow album was named Contemporary Christian/Gospel Album of the Year in Canada.

‘Green Thumb’ Social Media Channel Inspires Thousands through Gardening

Initiative by pastoral couple in the Philippines is helping cultivate a digital faith journey.

Forty Days and 138 Miles to Baptism

How digital evangelism in the Philippines led a woman in Belgium to find Jesus.

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