March 28, 2014

Karen and Burmese Adventist Refugees and Immigrants to Hold First Division-wide Convention

Karen and Burmese Adventist refugees and immigrants
will hold their first-ever division-wide convention, July 2-5, in Syracuse,
N.Y. During the past decade thousands of Adventist refugees and immigrants
from the Asian country of Myanmar (formerly Burma), many of whom were
persecuted, have been resettled to start new lives in North America. They are
scattered in almost every state and province of NAD. Many of these believers
trace their Adventist heritage back to missionaries like Eric B. Hare.

The convention
will be held in the Karen language with translation to Burmese and English.
Speakers will include Ernest Castillo, Melvin Santos, Scott Griswold, and
others. All Karen, Zomi and other Burmese people are invited to attend, as well
as anyone who is involved in ministry to them or is interested in these people

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