Addressing Challenges, Focused on Mission

Inter-European Division Year-End Meeting highlights leaders and members’ commitment.

Mission Refocus in the South Pacific

Year-end meetings in the South Pacific Division highlight outreach challenges and plans.

Supporting Ministries Help to Share the Gospel across Brazil

Volunteer work and donors’ contributions are helping members reach further and more often.

In Zambia, Volunteers Begin Reconstruction of Destroyed Church

In January 2022, a storm had made the building collapse, killing five members.

New Media Facility Prefigures Increasing Production, Leaders Say

Southern Asia-Pacific Division Media Center will focus on online content resources.

Inter-American Division Closes Business Meetings on Bended Knee

160 leaders pray for revival and God’s blessing as they face a busy 2023 with confidence.

Brazil Region Will Send 120 Volunteers to Other Countries

In 2023, young Adventist missionaries will serve across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

SWAU Singers Perform at Westminster Abbey 

Students fine-tuned their talents and shared them for the glory of God, university president said.

Bible Studies Lead People to Baptism and Discipleship

In the South American Division, initiative forms “mission pairs” for ongoing witnessing.

Nordic Church and Supporting Ministries Meet for Mission

Leaders’ summit at LifeStyleTV seeks to enhance outreach initiatives across the region.

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