‘When the Holy Spirit Fills Your Life, You Will Lead Billions to Jesus’

Communicators gathering opens with a call to use technology to support mission.

Those Were the Good Days’ Film Wins Award, Receives Accolades

The film short produced for the Sonscreen Film Festival is being screened at other festivals.

Children’s Ministry Seminar Empowers Leaders in the Philippines

Ministers to children are called to “bridge the gap” in the areas of faith and service.

Adventist ‘Youth on Duty’ Beautify Village on the Island of Saint Lucia

They plant dozens of palm trees and flowering plants as part of a service initiative.

Chicago Rally Provides Fuel for Young Adults to Strengthen Their Faith

Attendees participated in workshops, heard musical artists, and listened to messages.

From Lying in a Hospital Bed to Inspiring STEM Educators

Ophelia Barizo is thankful God allowed her to present at convention against all odds.

Adventist Church in Colombia Gears Up for Massive Evangelism Impact

Twenty-five city effort is expected to lead to more than 10,000 baptisms, leaders said.

Can Religious Persecution Ever Be Justified?

Adventist expert shares lessons from the life and thought of Augustine.

Navigating Change and Embracing Mission

North American Division Educators’ Convention seminars encourage and motivate.

Adventist Film Festival in Venezuela Features Bible-Inspired Productions

More than 400 people gathered to view the drama, videoclip, and documentary films.

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