Golden Treasure from Heaven’s Mine

I reopened the book of Daniel and asked, What does God say to me today from this ancient text?

What Is Ellen White’s Role in Contemporary Adventism?

South Pacific Division online symposium reaches thousands of viewers with this question.

Diversity and Breadth of Ministries on Display

North American Division year-end meeting highlights health, print, and audio resources.

When ‘Being Helpful’ Becomes Spiritually Abusive

How can we recognize it and prevent it in our churches and communities?

New Literature Ministry Distribution and Training Center Opens

Loma Linda University Church initiative is simple but successful, leaders say.

Growing in Christ While Preserving Your Heritage

Holbrook Indian School is an Adventist school serving Native American youth since 1946.

East African Adventists Meet in Denmark

Most of them refugees, they sing together and share their faith in God’s leading.

A School Built Through Faith and Prayers

How Timor-Leste Adventist International School is making a difference for Christ.

The Battle No One Wants 

How a cancer diagnosis brought me closer to God.

Feeling God’s Embrace in a Pediatric ICU

An Adventist physician shares tips for providing spiritual care in the hardest setting.

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