October 28, 2023

Christians on Science Film Released in Five Additional Languages for Creation Sabbath

In just 5 minutes, the animated film explores deep questions and provides answers.

Geoscience Research Institute Europe, and Adventist Review
The original English short film Christians on Science was released in five additional languages in time for Creation Sabbath 2023, which falls on October 28. [Image: Geoscience Research Institute]

How is it that serious scientists conducting solid research arrive at different conclusions when studying the evidence about the origin of the universe, life, and humanity? In just 5 minutes, the animated film Christians on Science explores this question in an engaging way, providing sound answers supported by robust scientific data.

The original English version of Christians on Science was released by the Geoscience Research Institute (GRI) in October 2021. Thousands of people have since seen the film, fulfilling the goal of its producer, Birgir Oskarsson.

“My hope is that those who view Christians on Science will come away with both a better understanding of how science works and the relationship between science and faith,” Oskarsson said. “The perspective presented helps us understand why Christians remain central to the sciences, yet don’t embrace the same interpretations as those with different religious views.”

Oskarsson is a geologist working in Iceland and the representative of the Trans European Division on the Geoscience Research Institute Committee (GRICOM) of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Due to the film’s positive reception, Oskarsson has sought to broaden its impact by translating it into several European languages. These translations have been coordinated by GRI’s European branch office, in collaboration with several Seventh-day Adventist institutions.

Christians on Science answers questions that many young and older Christians have in their minds,” said Dr. Noemí Durán, director of the Inter-European Division’s Geoscience Research Institute. “Our intention is that people in Europe can listen to this important message in their own languages, and that is why we decided to translate Christians on Science to as many languages as possible.”

Christians on Science is now available for Creation Sabbath 2023 in Spanish (made in collaboration with Hope Media Spain); Romanian (made in collaboration with Adventus University); Italian (made in collaboration with Hope Media Italy); German (made in collaboration with Hope Media Europe); and Portuguese (made in collaboration with Hope Media Portugal).

Creation Sabbath 2023 falls on October 28. It is an annual celebration scheduled in the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Calendar of Special Days. Creation Sabbath is designated as the fourth Saturday of every October and is open to all people who wish to worship the Creator God of the Bible.