March 8, 2017

Strong One-Day Attendance to Biblical Creation Film Prompts Additional Showings

Timothy G. Standish, Senior Scientist, Geoscience Research Institute

"Is Genesis History?" opened in 700 theaters in the United States on Thursday, Feb. 23. More than 143,000 people attended showings of this documentary, which features Adventist scientist Arthur V. Chadwick, Ph.D. Pleased with this attendance, organizers scheduled encore showings for Thursday, March 2, and Tuesday, March 7. The film will show in limited engagement on March 14 in Canada.

"Is Genesis History?" explores topics ranging from science consistent with the biblical account of creation to the Genesis flood and the way in which Hebrew language is used in the first book of the Bible. It features a wide range of experts in fields, ranging from geology to biology and archaeology. Among these, Chadwick describes his research on dinosaur fossilization.

Commenting on the film’s performance, Chadwick, from Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, Texas, said, “I’m really honored to be featured in a film this successful. Let’s pray that ultimately the data we were able to share is enough to open minds to the profound truth contained in Genesis and the rest of the Bible.”

Chadwick was filmed at the dinosaur dig he leads each summer at Hanson Ranch in Wyoming. At this location, his team of volunteers and scientists has unearthed a massive dinosaur graveyard, revealing important information about how dinosaurs died and were fossilized.

[Click here for more information about Arthur V. Chadwick’s research.]

Another Adventist scientist involved with the production is Leonard Brand, Ph.D., from Loma Linda University in California. Brand served as a consultant to the producers, drawing on his extensive experience as a Bible-believing Christian and a scientist. “Treating the Bible as a reliable source of information about the past has opened my eyes to things that I would not have otherwise noticed,” says Brand. “In fact, the Bible has made me a better scientist than I would have been if I had ignored the history it records.”

"Is Genesis History?" is hosted by Del Tackett, a software engineer who served as director of technical planning for the National Security Council at the Whitehouse during the George H. W. Bush administration. Since then, Tackett has extensive experience in education and media. Tackett is known for his role in Focus on the Family’s Truth Project.

The documentary is available for pre-purchase on DVD; shipping not available until April 11.

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