New Dinosaur Documentary Released for Creation Sabbath

Seeking Understanding: Arthur Chadwick delves into a surprising discovery.

New Dinosaur Documentary Released for Creation Sabbath

The latest film in the Seeking Understanding series has been released by the Geoscience Research Institute in the lead-up to Creation Sabbath 2021, traditionally held on the fourth Sabbath of October every year.

The documentary Seeking Understanding: Arthur Chadwick revolves around the scientific researcher Arthur Chadwick and a remote corner of Wyoming, United States, where, just under a cattle ranch’s dust and grass, an amazing treasure trove of dinosaur bones once lay hidden.

That was before Chadwick was contacted by the ranch owner, who asked the Adventist paleontologist to bring his unique set of talents and — unusually for a paleontologist — his biblical worldview to the study of the dinosaur graveyard.

With a team of other scientists from Southwestern Adventist University, along with scientists from other Adventist schools, Chadwick has been able to unravel the mystery of how all those bones got to this isolated area in the United States.


The film reveals unique technologies used in recording the bones in the dinosaur bone bed. It also shares the story of how Chadwick, who as a young boy thought he was going to be a priest, instead was led by God to become a paleontologist, grappling with a science that is commonly seen as undermining the claims of Scripture. The film explores why Chadwick didn’t lose his faith and what it is about the science he does that leads him to worship the Creator God of the Bible.

“Working on this film was a thrilling experience,” Timothy Standish, senior scientist at the Geoscience Research Institute, said. “I’m a biologist, so I don’t often have the thrill of actually holding dinosaur bones, let alone doing it while their discoverer explains them to me. Let’s hope that some of that thrill is conveyed in this film.”

Producers of the documentary Seeking Understanding: Arthur Chadwick said that it features astonishing creatures and an incredible scientist. It should be of interest to anyone curious about dinosaurs and how they are studied. It is specifically being released for Creation Sabbath, with the hope that viewers will be inspired to think about how the world once was.

Creation Sabbath falls on the fourth Sabbath of each October — this year on October 23. Creation Sabbath is a specially designated Saturday (Sabbath) in the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s Calendar of Special Days. According to the Creation Sabbath website, it is a day set aside for contemplating God’s grace in creating the world for our habitation, recognizing our responsibility to care for what God made, and seizing the opportunity to learn from His works.

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