August 10, 2022

Southern Asia-Pacific Division Launches Workers’ Wellness Program

Initiative seeks to foster better health outcomes among church employees.

Wilson Sia II, for Southern Asia-Pacific Division, and Adventist Review
[Photo: courtesy of Wilson Sia II, Adventist Medical Center Manila]

“A healthy workplace is not only a must but also a priority.” 

That is the essence of this year’s Workers’ Wellness Program of the Southern Asia-Pacific Division (SSD), launched on August 2, 2022, at the church region’s headquarters in Silang, Cavite, Philippines.

“We strategized this wellness program for our workers here at the SSD to be convenient and seamless,” division health ministries director Rhizaline C. Alfanoso said during the corporate worship program. “That is why we designed it to divide into two phases. And we have invited some partners to help us in doing this program, like our very own Adventist Medical Center Manila [AdventistMed] and our Medical Missionary Volunteer Services [MMVS] staff.”

The wellness program, nicknamed WOW, will become an avenue for developing a profile on the health status of all workers of the SSD headquarters, leaders behind the initiative said. They hope it will also become a model for local conferences, missions, and even churches across the territory.

AdventistMed president Elias Y. Apacible Jr. was the guest speaker during the opening program. He shared a State of Our Health Address, emphasizing the hospital’s mission of transmitting the gifts of hope, health, and happiness advocacy everywhere. “God is pleased to see His children helping each other intentionally,” he said. “At AdventistMed, we share Jesus, Jesus, and Jesus. As His medical missionaries, we must share His character and commit to sharing hope, health, and happiness in the neighborhood everywhere.”

The first phase of the WOW program covered the period of August 2-4, with the first two days for SSD employees and the last day with employees’ immediate family members. In that phase, participants had health checks with laboratory and diagnostics tests, anthropometric measurements and vital signs, and consultations with physicians. Employees were able to access these health services on a “first come, first served” basis.

The initiative, organized by the SSD Health Ministries and Human Resources departments, will move to the second phase from August to October. The second phase will showcase the Free Lifestyle Modification program, a free mental health assessment, and lectures on healthy living by healthy lifestyle coaches.

SSD president Roger O. Caderma expressed his gratitude to the program organizers, program partners, and volunteers such as specialist doctors from AdventistMed and other institutions. “SSD is committed to caring for the health of its workers,” Caderma said. “At the same time, we affirm our commitment to support our Adventist medical institutions in our territory for what you are doing. Because the last standing missionaries in the Lord’s work will be you — medical missionaries.” 

With high hopes and optimism, program organizers said they hope for the best. “We expect results that will benefit the well-being of all employees and their family members,” they said.

The original version of this story was posted on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division news site.