Nepal Church Reaches the Community through Service to Families, Orphans

A three-day initiative and a special emphasis Sabbath are showing the way, leaders said.

Northern Asia-Pacific Division, and Adventist Review
Nepal Church Reaches the Community through Service to Families, Orphans
Some of the people who recently benefited from the community outreach initiative in Dapcha, Nepal. [Photo: Himalayan Section]

A Korean group recently provided health services, children’s ministry activities, home visitation, free haircuts, and family photo services at Dapcha Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nepal.

A team of 14 members led the initiative, which sought to meet a variety of community needs, as the team worked to ensure the well-being of families and promote unity and happiness through the family photos, organizers said.

The group consisted of dedicated professionals from various fields, including doctors, nurses, a child-care specialist, a photographer, pastors, and other missionaries and assistants. Each member brought their unique skills and expertise, creating a diverse team capable of providing comprehensive services, organizers said.

More then 300 people were treated over the three days, leaders reported. “The team set up a temporary clinic equipped with medical supplies and technology,” they said. “The medical staff provided general check-ups, vaccinations, consultations, and small surgery and medicines according to their health conditions. They also organized informative sessions on health education, covering topics such as proper nutrition, hygiene, and disease prevention.”

The group arranged for a professional photography service, by which families had the opportunity to have their family photos taken. According to organizers, those memorable photos “served as a symbol of unity and love, reinforcing the importance of family bonds.”

Many people also came to enjoy the free haircut service. The outreach initiative included a Vacation Bible School for children, and in the evenings, adult evangelism meetings attended by more than 100 people.

Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s Day

In conjunction with World Orphans and Vulnerable Children’s Day, which takes place every year on November 19, the Children Ministries Department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church chose November 18 as a special Saturday (Sabbath) to highlight the importance of the day, church leaders recently reported.

The Himalayan Section of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nepal joined hands with the world church and Northern Asia-Pacific Division and put time and resources to address this issue, leaders reported. Local churches under the Himalayan church region in Nepal conducted various actives on their premises and across their communities on that day.

The increasing number of the orphans and vulnerable children in this world is one of the alarming signs of coming catastrophe for humanity, experts on the topic have said. Numerous armed conflicts across the world, natural disasters, and famines are leaving many orphans and vulnerable children behind. “These children need care and love so they can explore their potential in their fullness,” regional church leaders added.

According to regional church leaders, the November 18 activities highlighted the Adventist Church’s commitment to tackling the issues of child vulnerability in both local churches and their surrounding communities.

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Northern Asia-Pacific Division, and Adventist Review