March 12, 2024

General Conference Associate Secretary Explores Adventist Work in Nepal

Karen Porter and her husband visited Adventist institutions, met with church leaders.

Himalayan Section, and Adventist Review
Karen and Michael Porter take a group photo with regional church members and leaders in Nepal. [Photo: Himalayan Section]

In what regional church leaders called “a significant development for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Nepal,” General Conference associate secretary Karen Porter, accompanied by her husband, Michael Porter, embarked on a quick visit to Nepal with a specific focus on understanding and appreciating the missionary efforts in the region.

During their January 22-25 visit, the Porters sought to gain insights into the operations of key institutions such as Scheer Memorial Hospital, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in Nepal, and the Himalayan Section of the Adventist Church and its affiliated churches.

At Scheer Memorial Adventist Hospital

The visit began with a tour of Scheer Memorial Hospital, a cornerstone of Seventh-day Adventist health care in Nepal.

The associate secretary and her husband engaged with the hospital’s CEO, Dr. Hector Gayare Jr., and other medical professionals, staff, and administrators to comprehend the hospital’s impact on the local community. Discussions centered on health care initiatives, challenges, and the hospital’s role in providing essential medical services to the people of Nepal.

ADRA’s Humanitarian Efforts

The itinerary also included a comprehensive overview of ADRA’s humanitarian actives in Nepal.

Karen and Michael Porter met with Tom Pignon, ADRA Nepal’s country director, and other representatives to learn about the program’s disaster response initiatives and discuss ongoing projects and the organization’s commitment to addressing the needs of vulnerable communities. The visit to ADRA Nepal was a friendly show of support for the program, regional church leaders said.

The Himalayan Section and Its Congregations

The delegation also ventured into the heart of the Himalayan Section, connecting with local churches and missionaries. A brief visit to Dapcha Seventh-day Adventist Church and nearby places, as well as conversations with pastors, departmental directors, and church members provided valuable insights into the challenges and successes of spreading the Adventist message in Nepal.

“We would like to express our gratitude for the dedication and resilience of the missionaries in this region,” Karen Porter said.

Himalayan Section president Umesh Pokharel also expressed his appreciation to the world church for initiating the visit to the church field he leads. “Thank you for your support and friendship,” he said.

Regional church leaders said they expect this visit to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that the Adventist Church in Nepal faces. “It’s a show of commitment to continued support and collaboration between the General Conference and mission entities in Nepal, ultimately contributing to the growth and sustainability of Seventh-day Adventist initiatives in the region,” they said.