March 1, 2024

Healthy Heart Team Provides Vital Health Training in Nepal

Participants learn about first aid, maternal and child health, nutrition, and hygiene.

Binod Dahal, Himalayan Section, and Adventist Review
Group photo of participants and facilitators of Ultimate Mission Healthy Heart’s training session in Nepal. [Photo: Himalayan Section]

The Ultimate Mission Healthy Heart team, a dedicated team of Seventh-day Adventist health-care professionals, returned to Nepal February 5-10 to conduct an intensive five-day health training program. The initiative sought to empower the wives of Gospel Outreach (GO) workers at Biratnagar city. More than 16 women attended this training session.

The initiative, which took place for the second consecutive year, not only focused on improving health awareness but also enhancing the community’s capacity to address health challenges effectively while fostering evangelism, organizers said.

Led by Jim Reynolds, director of Ultimate Mission Healthy Heart, the team comprising nurses and health educators from the United States and India embarked on their mission to Nepal with a dual purpose: to provide essential health education and to gain deeper insights into the needs of local communities.

Training sessions were meticulously designed to equip the participants with practical knowledge and skills to address prevalent local health issues and facilitate evangelism efforts within their communities. Over the course of five days, the participants, primarily the wives of GO workers, engaged in interactive sessions covering topics such as basic first aid, maternal and child health, nutrition, and hygiene practices. These sessions were not only informative but also encouraged active participation and dialogue, enabling the attendees to share their experiences and concerns regarding health care in their communities.

The team emphasized the importance of tailoring the training to meet the specific needs of Nepali communities. “By understanding the unique challenges they face, we can better equip them to address health issues effectively while also spreading the message of hope through evangelism,” Reynolds said.

At the same time, the team used this opportunity to gain valuable insights into the cultural nuances and health-care infrastructure of Nepal, which will inform the planning and implementation of future training sessions.

“We are committed to building long-term partnerships with Nepali communities,” Reynolds emphasized.

The success of the second session of the health training program reaffirms the Healthy Heart team’s dedication to promoting health and well-being while advancing the mission of evangelism in Nepal, local church leaders commented. “As they depart, the team leaves behind a legacy of empowerment and hope, inspiring individuals to take charge of their health and transform their communities for the better,” they said.

The Himalayan Section lists 9,420 baptized Seventh-day Adventists in a population of around 31 million. Church leaders recently voted to move that church region under the leadership of the Northern Asia-Pacific Division, based in Korea.

Ultimate Mission Healthy Heart is a supporting Seventh-day Adventist ministry and is not operated by the corporate Seventh-day Adventist Church.