September 29, 2017

Children Preachers Share God’s Word Across Churches in Chile

Verónica De la Cuadra & Carmen Moraga, Chile Union Conference News

Hundreds of Adventist children and teens made the most of a special month dedicated to them in Chile by preaching, singing, and playing musical instruments in hundreds of local churches across that South American nation. Children showed impressive commitment as they took over church services and weeks of prayer with confidence and composure worthy of admiration.

“I was very pleased because it is the first time I get an opportunity to preach,” said Abihú Fuentes, one of the young preachers during the Sep. 6-9 Children’s Week of Prayer.

“[The program] is based on an initiative we call ‘As Great as David,’ which is a training school where children get ready to share God’s Word,” said South Austral Chile (ASACh) Women and Children Ministries director Sisi Alvarado. “Then, in a program especially catered to their needs, they can practice the topics selected, which each church region can eventually select according to their needs.”

The goal is that an ever-increasing number of children may learn and put into practice the teachings of the Bible, said Plaza Garín local church pastor Francisco Araya.

“They are the new generations, the future of our church,” he said. “Little by little, they have become acquainted with God’s Word, and now they have superbly shared its message!”

Children not only preached but led the church services and used their musical talents to praise God. The program has been a success, said Alvarado.

“So far we have trained over 500 children. Most church districts across Chile have been involved,” she said.

The children’s training program will be followed by a second phase called “Parents of Hope,” which teaches parents to instill biblical principles in their children and learn how to make God an essential part of their homes.

Adventist TV network Nuevo Tiempo Chile is also partnering with Children and Teen Ministries in the country to develop a DVD to be sent to every Children’s Sabbath School teacher in Chile during the first quarter 2018. Chile Union Conference Women, Children, and Teen Ministries director Rosa Parra said the goal is to give a practical spin on the traditionally more theoretical resources.

“After children and their teachers go through the usual materials and resources and learn their Bible lessons, our goal is to assist them so that they can not only understand but also make those lessons a practical part of their lives,” she said.