At Least 3 Adventists Dead, 53 Infected With COVID-19 in Spain

Church leaders issue a call to pray for those affected and for health-care professionals.

Marcos Paseggi, Adventist Review
At Least 3 Adventists Dead, 53 Infected With COVID-19 in Spain

As of March 23, 2020, at least three Seventh-day Adventist members have died and 53 are fighting COVID-19 in Spain, regional church leaders shared in an e-mail with Adventist Review.

“The situation is dire for several of our infected members, including young people,” wrote Samuel Gil Soldevilla, communication director of the Spanish Union of Churches Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

Gil Soldevilla also shared that dozens of Adventist health-care professionals are currently serving long shifts in health-care institutions around the country. He said leaders are praying for all those affected, and invited church members and leaders around the world to do the same.

“We are praying for those who are sick, for their families, for health-care workers, for our country’s leaders, and society in general,” Gil Soldevilla wrote.

Gil Soldevilla explained that both pastors and lay members across Spain are in the process of adapting to the state of alarm and the confinement measures established by the national government. They are also pushing themselves to keep in touch with local churches and their members through the ordeal.

“We are making the most of our creativity to keep churches connected despite our current plight,” Gil Soldevilla wrote.

Gil Soldevilla confirmed that all local churches across Spain closed their doors to regular services on March 13, following government recommendations. “It’s also a matter of Christian responsibility,” he explained.

In a video released on March 21, Oscar López, president of the Adventist Church in Spain, acknowledged that the situation across the country was getting worse, especially in the capital city of Madrid.

“I want to ask the church to keep praying,” he said as he reported a total of 35 infected Adventist members. “We must pray for our brothers and sisters who are fighting the virus in their homes or health-care institutions,” he said.

López called on everyone to pray for the Lord to protect and watch over families affected by the deadly virus. He also called on church members to pray for health-care workers.

“We must pray that God may guide the hands of health-care professionals who are in charge of delivering care to those who are in such a challenging situation.”

López also called for connecting with others through the phone or social media to pray together.

“Let’s unite with others in prayer for this ordeal that is affecting not only Spain but the whole world,” he said.

López remembered many Adventist church members who are also suffering financial losses or have lost their jobs. He called on members to stretch out their helping hand as much as possible.

“In moments like this, our solidarity, our assistance, and the brotherly love we feel for each other will certainly help families to go through these challenging moments,” he said.

Marcos Paseggi, Adventist Review