June 22, 2010

Adventist Risk Management


he mission of Adventist Risk Management, Inc. (ARM), is to protect the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its members from unnecessary risks and liabilities by providing insurance coverage for church assets and educational resources for minimizing risk. Our skilled team of more than 125 people in four global locations provides support, training, and restoration when members need it most.

After more than 75 years of operation, ARM continues to be on the leading edge of finding solutions unique to the Adventist Church and its mission. Beyond the regular commercial insurance needs for property and liability, ARM provides specialized programs in cyber liability, child molestation, Pathfinder activities, and coverage for those who travel worldwide—either as full-time missionaries or as volunteers on special projects.

In the past five years, we have shortened the time for processing claims, strengthened our technology infrastructure, improved financial processes, revamped our corporate structure to be more effective, and increased our educational and training resources.

Our Emphases

A major emphasis within ARM is education. ARM is committed to having a professional and competent team of specialists in their field and invests significantly in training programs for our employees.

In addition to conducting training programs for local church organizations, ARM held two free monthly Webinars: one focused on administrators, and one targeted at local church and school safety officers. In 2015 ARM celebrates the 20-year anniversary of
Solutions, our free weekly e-newsletter providing home, health, work, travel, and school risk management resources.

What’s Next?

Looking toward the future, we will continue our focus on preventive solutions to protect the church’s resources and to keep church employees and members safe. An emphasis on education lowers the risk for accidents while improving everyday activities. Thinking ahead provides opportunities to avoid liabilities before they happen, and new technology will guide the way we respond to future crises.

Jesus said there would be wars and rumors of wars in the last days of earth’s history (Mark 13:7). One glance at the news headlines proves His words are true. An increase in terrorist attacks and natural disasters will affect the Church in a variety of ways. ARM stands by those sharing Christ’s love in dangerous places and fulfilling the Great Commission.

Educating to prevent loss, minimizing loss when crises occur, and remaining fiscally responsible to rebuild to the whole are the business and ministry of ARM. Yet the heart of our mission is you. ARM is here because we care. Our ministry is to protect your ministry. 

During the past five years, the number of ARM employees holding licenses and designations has increased by 33 percent and 59 percent respectively.