December 1, 2020

Those On The Left

There's no such thing as partial followers; we're either all in or not.

Jimmy Phillips

When Jesus returns with tens of thousands of angels, He’ll take His rightful place in the universe on the only throne that matters. Everyone who has ever lived will be present, waiting to discover their forever fate. As shepherds divide their flocks, Christ will put them into two groups, because there’s no such thing as partial followers; we’re either all in or not. Then the King will gather His people on the right, while those who have taken their own path will be set aside to the left.

The King will say to those on His left, “It’s time for you to reap what you have sown; you have no place among the righteous. Your fate is destruction. In the millennia to come, it will be as if you never existed. This was not My plan for you; it was the route you chose for yourself.”

It was rainy and cold. But I know it didn’t affect you that much. All you had to do was flip on the windshield wipers and turn a dial for warm air. Judging by the make of your car, I’m guessing you even had seat heaters. But it’s much different when you’re on the outside. I didn’t have an umbrella; my coat was worn and thin. I didn’t ask for a ride, just a few dollars for a bus ticket or something hot to drink. But really, I would’ve taken anything, because I had nothing. You looked toward me, but never at me—as if I were less than human.

There’s no such thing as partial followers; we’re either all in or not.

There wasn’t much hope left. The cancer had riddled my body down to a shadow of its former vibrancy. The worst part was being alone. I know there was a pandemic going on, but there’s nothing worse than dying by yourself. I couldn’t talk much, but to have a friend there—even just at the window—would have meant more than I can describe.

There’s certainly a stigma that comes with being on death row—even if you’re innocent. I know, everyone says they didn’t do it, but I really didn’t. Finally, a judge agreed. Unfortunately, I’ll never get that time back. The worst part was never having a single visitor; even my family disowned me. That came closer to killing me than the electric chair did.

“And that brings us to today. You had so many chances to make a difference, but all you cared about was yourself.” Shocked and appalled at this accusation, the wicked are incredulous, racking their brains to recall these scenes.

“Lord, there must be a mistake. We never saw You. Besides, you’re God—how could you have been hungry, sick, or imprisoned?”

Then those fateful words will ring out—and with them a firestorm of regret, what-ifs, and second guessing. “If you had read My words and followed My example, you would have understood the principles of My kingdom. More than anything else, it’s this: When human beings suffer, I suffer with them and feel the pain as if it were My own. I felt it every day since sin entered the world. You did nothing to relieve their pain, and as such, you did nothing to take away Mine.”

Jimmy Phillips is network marketing director for Kettering Health Network.