February 13, 2014

January 24, 2014

Greet Unto

Regarding the editorial “Visiting Churches—the Flip Side” (Jan.
9, 2014): How sad that church members have to be prompted about how to greet
others when visiting a church. Like probably too many others, when visiting
churches in different parts of the country with my husband (who is not an
Adventist), I have had to locate the greeter and request a bulletin.

I’m a fairly outgoing person,
so this was a bit awkward, but not devastating. Please be aware that it can
take a lot of courage for some people to visit a church; it may be even more
difficult to visit a new church if they are alone.

Many visitors are not Adventists. How they are greeted and
regarded as they enter the church may be the deciding factor in whether or not
they return. All visitors deserve to be greeted at the door, made to feel
welcome, given a bulletin, and directed to sanctuary, Sabbath school classes, restrooms,


God Is in

As a long-time reader of Adventist
, I was blessed by Shawn Boonstra’s article “2013: The Year of
Reversing the Tide” (Dec. 26, 2013). I agree with the author that we have
become accustomed to and desensitized to the horrors that happen in the world
seemingly every day. We have been programmed to flip from one disaster to the
next without placing these events in any end-time context.

Containing a litany of
tragedies and losses occurring this past year, the article helps the reader
make sense of it all and realize, “Yes, God is still in charge.”

Boonstra’s writing is
important for all Seventh-day Adventists, particularly teachers and pastors.
Anyone who ignores today’s trends does so at their own peril.

As someone who follows news
events closely, I am grateful to Boonstra and the Review for these thoughtful insights.


Amazing and Inspiring

My heart sings every time I open the latest issue of Adventist Review. It shines such a
beautiful light on the amazing and inspiring work God is doing through His
faithful servants in so many corners of the world. Thank you for the role that
you play in this wonderful ministry.


Children, and God’s

Thank you for publishing “A Parent’s
Journey” (Dec. 26, 2013). Over the years I’ve known countless individuals who
have experienced the heartbreak of having one or more of their children turn
away from the path they had planned for them.

We have to
believe that God knows the hearts of our children, and that in His time He will
heal their brokenness and accomplish His will in their lives.

On a
related note: I’ve seen some of my friends be wracked with guilt when their
children stopped attending church, or began attending some non-Adventist
church. Again, the God who reads hearts and motives will surely not abandon
those who Christ died to save.

God can be
trusted to lead our children. Let’s not do anything to add to the guilt of
parents who did the best they could to raise their children to follow Christ.

Sacramento, California

A Familiar

I enjoy Andrew McChesney’s Dateline Moscowarticles. He writes in an interesting,
down-to-earth style I can relate to. On Sabbath afternoon I read his article “Fumigate the Cockroaches Before 2014”
(Dec. 26, 2013), and decided I should express my appreciation. That evening on
the national news I noticed someone who looked familiar. Sure enough, it was
Andrew McChesney commenting on the upcoming Sochi Winter Olympics.



It was encouraging to read the
editorial by Justin McNeilus “And it Was Good” (Dec. 26, 2013). Yes, youth and
young adults will be there to see the work finished. May we uphold them in
prayer and encouragement that they remain faithful in their commitment to serve
the Lord with heart, mind, and soul.

–Natalie Dodd
Centerville, Ohio

New Believer: Thanks

I just read the editorial “Go Ask Erica” (Nov. 21, 2013), and
wanted you to know how much this
brand new Adventist has appreciated this free subscription for the past year.

I have been a member since
December 2012, and plan to stay with this new “family” of mine. The information
the magazine provides has helped me grow and learn, and is a wonderful addition
to Bible studies, Sabbath school, and weekly attendance at services.

My thanks to anyone who donated
to the New Believer plan.

Creek, Michigan