A Heart for the Unhoused

Union College student Ashira Campbell is making a big difference, one homeless person at a time.

Adventist Conductor Awarded the Federal Cross of Merit

Herbert Blomstedt received an important recognition for the second time.

Giving Thanks for Every Breath

Don Starlin realized that a bilateral lung transplant was his only hope.

Food Farmacy: Your Healing Kitchen

At a special plant-based, decaf-only cafe, the Adventist health message is alive and well.

A Cluster of Malignant Tumors

The woman had no hope. Her doctor felt tempted to dismiss her. Then he had an idea.

Southern Adventist University Alum Inducted into Hall of Fame

Longtime physician Robert Bowers included in Tennessee association list for 2022.

Son’s Journey Inspires Mom to Advocate for Early Autism Diagnosis

Myesha Oliver finds joy in celebrating her son’s milestones and inspiring others.

More Than a Decade Focusing on Mission

The latest edition of the ‘I Will Go’ initiative gathered 5,000 missionary hopefuls.

The Remarkable Life, So Far, of Rebekah Delaney

When everything seemed hopeless, God showed her He had a plan for her life.

Adventist Family Exemplifies the Joys, Costs of Mission Service

The Gramachos, from Brazil, served in Mongolia and now in Japan as part of Mission Unusual.

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