Blessed to Be a Blessing

Pathway to Health volunteers are thankful they can serve others as Jesus did.

The Bible Has a Lot to Say about Human Sexuality, Adventist Scholars Say

New volume seeks to connect biblical principles with current discussions on sex issues.

‘He’s an Adventist Too’

Pathway to Health Indianapolis opening brings opportunities to show God’s love.

Russians, Ukrainians, Georgians, and Belarusians Worship Together at U.S. Local Church

Fellowship at Adventist congregation gets past any divide, leaders say.

Tyranny, Truckers, and End-times

How are they related?

Pastors and Theology Students in Haiti Get Tips to Face Daunting Challenges

Leaders seek to help them navigate and adapt to a changing ministerial environment.

‘We Were the Only Church that Kept in Touch during the Pandemic’

Church pastor shares how creativity helped to grow church plant in New Caledonia.

Adventists Call to Pray for Muslims Around the World During Ramadan

First Annual Eye Camp After the Pandemic Restores Sight to Thousands

In northern India, long-running It Is Written initiative offers free cataract surgeries.

Battle Cry

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