How a Congregation Stayed Connected through the Pandemic

Golden Gate All Nations shifted to other services, countries, and means to keep in touch.

Colombian Pastors Bring Evangelism to the U.S.

Exchange initiative to connect Hispanic churches was successful, leaders said.

Is Religion an Exclusive Club?

Let’s take it a step further. Do you believe God is exclusive?

Blessings in Bolivia

It Is Written’s latest mission trip reaped the joys of sharing the gospel.

Children Learn How to Serve from the Heart in Mongolia

Initiative helps Adventist churches reconnect with the community after the pandemic.

Confessions of an Adventist Mom

We long for our children to love Jesus, and when they don't, it can create a deep ache in a mother's soul.

God Speaks through Introverts Too

God knows your heart, so you don’t need to be like those you feel you should be like.

After Evangelism, Churches and Radio Stations Are Rising in the Philippines

In Mindoro, successful evangelistic initiatives come with new challenges.

Viral Lies

Spotting a lie can save your life.

Blessed to Be a Blessing

Pathway to Health volunteers are thankful they can serve others as Jesus did.

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