January 19, 2011

Cresting Joy

Cool waters—sunny skies

I see them coming out of the blue

Joyous, carefree, riding the surf

A school where everybody moves along

In unison, catching the rhythm

Enjoying the ride, bursting with energy

A family that protects its young

And teaches them to seize the day

Reaching to break the surface

They move along

A fleeting moment of cresting joy

A brief reminder of boundless energy

And the Creator’s love of passion

Of boundaries and fellowship

Of beauty and creativity

Of blue and salt and wide and near

Time frozen—a symmetry of joy

Gerald A. Klingbeil is an associate editor of Adventist Review who enjoys God’s wonderful creation and photography. The image was taken in 2007 at Hervey Bay, Australia. This poem was published January 20, 2011.