May 28, 2015

Warren Judd, Visionary Adventist Media Leader, Dies

Warren Judd, former CEO of the Adventist Media Center in California, died after a struggle with cancer on May 26.

Daniel R. Jackson, president of the North American Division, offered condolences on behalf of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

“Warren was an accomplished media authority and talented musician. But most importantly, he was a devoted husband, father and a committed Christian,” Jackson said. “Warren helped significantly advance the use of audiovisual technology in the Adventist Church. He will be missed.”

Warren’s daughter-in-law, Andrea, expressed her gratitude to all those who have shown love and support for their family. She praised God for allowing her father to pass away peacefully, even though it was on her mother’s 70th birthday.

“Mum has been a rock through all of this. Certainly not without tears and great heartache, but with a greater faith!” Andrea said. “On top of it all, today is her 70th birthday. And she said, ‘I know many might feel differently and not understand, but I’m actually glad he died on my birthday. It makes it a very special and sacred day.’”

In addition to running the denominationally owned media center, Judd was responsible for the audiovisual operations of the last five General Conference Sessions, including San Antonio 2015, for which planning has been several years in the making, the North American Division said in a statement.

Judd was a native of Australia.

John Bradshaw, speaker and director of It Is Written, which was located for many years at the Adventist Media Center, praised Judd as a creative thinker who “was always kind in his dealings with others—even if they were not kind in their dealings with him.”

“We’re reminded yet again that life is precious, that life is fragile, that nothing in this world is guaranteed, that every day is a gift and that family and friends and faith in God are the truly important things in this world,” Bradshaw said on his blog.