June 10, 2014

20th Anniversary of Chinese Hospital Highlights Unique Partnership With LLU

, Loma Linda University Health

The global mission of Loma
Linda University Health came into clear focus at the 20th
anniversary of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, which was held recently in Hangzhou,

<strong>LADY SHAW:</strong> Lady Mona Shaw, center, attending the unveiling of a statue of her late husband, Sir Run Run Shaw, at the hospital bearing his name in Hangzhou, China. To her left is Zheng Shu, former dean of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, and to her right is B. Lyn Behrens, former dean of Loma Linda University School of Medicine. Photo credit: LLUH

The event underscored the
legacy of the late philanthropist for whom it is named and the contributions of
the Loma Linda physicians, administrators, and nurses who have nourished and
sustained the unique global partnership.

Richard H. Hart, president
of Loma Linda University Health, reflected on what happened when Sir Run Run
Shaw, who was in his 80s at the time, initiated a series of secret meetings between
Chinese communist officials and Adventist church leaders. The result, Hart
said, was that “a dream was born that has literally impacted health care
throughout the entire country of China.”

initial meetings took place in the 1980s when Shaw sought to express his
gratitude for the compassionate care his family had received at Adventist
hospitals in Hong Kong and Shanghai decades earlier. In 1994, with health care
and administrative expertise from Loma Linda University, and support from Shaw
and the Chinese government, the hospital opened to introduce Western-style health care to the People’s Republic
of China.

Shaw passed away in January
2014 at the age of 106, so his widow, Lady Mona Shaw, attended the 20th
anniversary celebration with an entourage from four organizations she chairs, The
Sir Run Run Shaw Charitable Trust, The Shaw Foundation Hong Kong Limited, The
Shaw Prize Foundation, and The Shaw Group of Companies, all located in Hong

<strong>GLOBAL MISSION:</strong> Richard H. Hart, president of Loma Linda University Health, shaking hands with Xiujun Cai, president of Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, at the unveiling of a commemorative sculpture that Hart presented to Cai at 20th-anniversary celebrations. Photo credit: LLUH

In discussing the advanced
management model that Loma Linda introduced to the hospital, Xiujun Cai,
president of the hospital since 2013, said it has broadly affected health care
in his country.

“This model has greatly
been promoted and applied in many Chinese hospitals,” Cai said. “This is very
influential. LLUH has been very generous in cultivating and training a group of
elite clinicians, educators, and managers.” LLUH is the acronym for Loma Linda
University Health.

Cai said that in the
future, the hospital would like to provide opportunities and resources to help
Loma Linda set up schools and programs throughout China.

The 56-member Loma Linda
delegation was the largest international group at the anniversary. Officials also
attended from Cabrini Hospital of Malvern, Australia, and Mayo Clinic of
Rochester, Minnesota.

Hart said bonds established
during the last two decades continue to drive the unique collaboration.

<strong>REMEMBING SHAW:</strong> Richard H. Hart, president of Loma Linda University Health, reflecting on the history of the partnership between Loma Linda and Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital at 20th-anniversary celebrations. Hart said the collaboration has “impacted health care throughout the entire country of China.” Photo credit: LLUH

personal friendships that developed between those who went to work in China and
their counterparts is truly the heart of this partnership,” Hart said. “The
spirit of mission, of sharing what we know, of giving of ourselves to bless
others, is truly what it’s all about.”

Chao, who was president of the Chinese hospital, also known as SRRSH, when it became the first public hospital in China to receive Joint
Commission International accreditation, acknowledged his gratitude to Loma

“Loma Linda has contributed to make
SRRSH grow and stand out as the example of integrated Eastern and Western
health care in China,” He said. “I am greatly moved by the LLUH people who have
provided continuous support and selfless care to SRRSH. Our strong
collaborative model is unique in China.”

Schaefer, Loma Linda historian, drew parallels between the foundational vision
for Adventist health care and the collaboration between Loma Linda and the
Chinese hospital.

White says our institutions are ‘established to relieve the sick and the
afflicted, to awaken a spirit of inquiry, to disseminate light, and to advance
reform,’” Schaefer said, quoting from page 104 of volume 7 of “Testimonies for
the Church.” “When I look at what’s happening between Loma Linda and China, it
seems like that’s what we’re doing.”

paid tribute to the men and women who forged this new frontier in international
health care cooperation.

want to thank all those who made this happen and acknowledge the remarkable
legacy they have established,” he said.

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