December 15, 2020

Union College Will Cover Tuition for Families Making Less than US$60,000

Union College

Union College, a Seventh-day Adventist school in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States, has launched a new Bridge to Union Scholarship. The plan will cover tuition costs for students from most families with an annual income of less than US$60,000.

“In these challenging economic times, every dollar matters,” Vinita Sauder, Union College president, said. “We want to bridge the tuition gap for any student and family who dreams of taking advantage of the life coach for every freshman, career preparation, and the spiritual community at Union College, so they have that opportunity. The Bridge to Union Scholarship helps make our unparalleled personalized support available to many more students — regardless of financial circumstances.”

For first-year students enrolling for the Fall 2021 semester, Union College will use the scholarship for all tuition costs not covered by a student’s federal and state financial aid package. To qualify, a student simply fills out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) showing that they are eligible for a Pell Grant and their family income for the FAFSA year is US$60,000 or less.

The scholarship will be renewable for up to seven additional semesters as long as the student remains enrolled as a full-time student (12-17 credit hours) during that time, maintains a 2.0 GPA, is Pell eligible, and their family income stays below US$60,000.

“No motivated student should be denied a quality education,” Sauder said. “We are excited to remove more of the financial burden for students who want a Christian education as they seek to find God’s calling for their lives.”

The Bridge to Union program covers tuition only. Students can earn a majority of their room and board by working on campus throughout both semesters and contributing summer work earnings to their account. Outside scholarships may also be applied toward room and board.

Financial aid is available to all Union undergraduate students regardless of income or federal financial aid eligibility. For instance, every first-year student admitted to Union already receives a four-year renewable scholarship of US$4,000 up to full tuition (worth nearly US$100,000 over four years) based on academic achievement, financial situation, and other factors.