September 16, 2014

U.S.: Academy Saves Big on Furniture

<strong>MIRACLE FURNITURE:</strong> Denisse Izquierdo-Polo, a fourth-year student at the academy, is all smiles about the new furniture in her dorm room. Photo: Columbia Union Visitor

Blue Mountain Academy, an
Adventist boarding school in Pennsylvania, managed to replace all of the
worn-out furniture in its dormitories for only $1,500 — half the price that it
had expected to pay to replace the furnishing in a single dorm room.

Faculty and students were no
doubt praising God after Chris Kramer, the school’s maintenance director, and
Stephen Reese, vice principal for finance, found a listing at the U.S.
government auction Web site for an entire dormitory of furniture
from the University of Indiana.

The academy had needed to
update the furniture for years, but it couldn’t afford the estimated cost of at
least $3,500 per room, or a total of $128,000 to furnish both the boys and girls

“We had gotten several
quotes from several companies. The cost of each room would be approximately
$3,500,” said boys dean Corey Enochs.

The academy won the auction
with a bid for $3,000 and acquired bunk beds with springs, desks, chairs and
bookcases for every dorm room, including an extra 20 sets of furniture. The old
dorm furniture was sold for scrap for $1,500.

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