Trans-European Division Youth Shine in the Music Vision Contest

Initiative’s goal was to inspire Adventist youth to share their faith through creativity.

Chanel Hadžiefendić, Trans-European Division News
Trans-European Division Youth Shine in the Music Vision Contest

On January 6, the Adventist Church’s Trans-European Division (TED) youth community came together for the Music Vision Contest, an evening of worship that showcased the musical talents of young individuals from every corner of the division.

The evening was hosted by a dynamic duo in the Hope Channel studio in Zagreb, Croatia. Lucija Bahtić and David Preberina took the reins, presenting each song with creativity and engaging Adventist youth across Europe as they cast their votes for the best song.

Participants were invited to share their original worship songs and compete for the winning spot. Representatives from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, England, Finland, the Netherlands, Poland, and Serbia made the event memorable with their musical gifts and vibrant energy.

The winning composition hailed from Finland, followed by Croatia in second place, and Bosnia & Herzegovina securing the third spot.

A significant amount of preparation went into each submission, and a beautiful music video accompanied each of the songs. Finland’s winning entry, in particular, stood out, weaving the narrative of a young woman’s journey with the work God is doing there in the Oikos community.

The winning entry, from Finland.

The virtual audience played a crucial role, actively participating by sharing photos, voting for their preferred songs, and responding to the hosts’ inquiries. The unity and respect observed in the YouTube chat was heartening. One online viewer, David Čiplić, shared his thoughts on the impact that creativity had in his journey of faith: “Praising God creatively bridged the gap between reason and emotions… emotions found a way to express themselves … and my faith became more personal.”

Second spot, from Croatia.

Beyond the competition, the primary objective of the Music Vision Contest is to inspire Adventist youth to share their faith through creative expressions.

A group from Bosnia & Herzegovina won third place.

“The event was a powerful start to the new year, offering a platform to glorify God through artistic means,” Chanel Hadžiefendić, chaplain at Maruševec Secondary School, said. “As we celebrate the talents of these young individuals, may their gifts continue to flourish, and may they serve as blessings in the broader world,” she added. Anticipation is already building for the next contest, with hopes of witnessing an even more inspiring array of original music from young people across Europe.

The original version of this story was posted on the Trans-European Division news site.

Chanel Hadžiefendić, Trans-European Division News