‘Take Charge of Your Health’ Online Series Debuts June 22

The series is the second It Is Written online evangelistic initiative during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Cassie Matchim Hernandez, It Is Written, and Adventist Review
‘Take Charge of Your Health’ Online Series Debuts June 22

It Is Written will hold a health-focused online evangelistic series called “Take Charge of Your Health” beginning June 22, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. EDT.

The week-long series will feature interviews with medical experts; Bible studies of wellness principles; and practical instruction in lifestyle change for health improvement. Registration for “Take Charge of Your Health” is free.

This series is designed to help people live life to the fullest, said John Bradshaw, It Is Written president. “If the pandemic has taught us anything at all, it’s that a person’s health is precious,” he said. “And the more we can do to stay well and be strong, the better we’re going to fare in times like these — and in times to come.”

Topics to be covered during the series are heart health, diabetes, cancer, weight loss, mental health, stress, and addictions. A wide array of special guests will include dermatologist John Chung, internist David DeRose, and cardiologist Harvey Hahn. It will also include anesthesiologist Bob Hunsaker, and oncologist Glen Papaiaoannou. According to organizers, other specialists such as emergency medicine specialist Mark Sandoval and internists Lyndi Schwartz and Doug Teller will also participate during the one-week series.

Each night, John Bradshaw will review a CREATION Life Bible study guide. Produced by AdventHealth and It Is Written, the CREATION Life Study Guides provide a scientifically researched, biblically based way to improve health and well-being. The studies outline a framework for living an abundant life that helps the reader live healthier, be happier, feel stronger, and experience trust in a new way. Free access to the study guides will be available to those who register for the event.

Healthy recipes, effective exercise instruction, and testimonies from people who have improved their health will round out the program. Upon hearing about all that would be included in this series, one pastor said, “This health series is going to be more effective for our community than Hope Awakens was!” in reference to a previous IIW series.

Take Charge of Your Health is the second online evangelistic initiative from It Is Written, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to prevent in-person evangelism. The first event, Hope Awakens, focused on Bible prophecy and current events and concluded in May 2020 with tens of thousands of views and thousands of decisions for Christ. Esperanza en Jesús and other series led by the It Is Written Spanish language ministry, Escrito Está, have resulted in hundreds of baptisms so far.

Nightly presentations of Take Charge of Your Health will be available live and on-demand, ministry leaders said.

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Cassie Matchim Hernandez, It Is Written, and Adventist Review