July 19, 2017

Stargazing Event Propels Visitors to Bible Studies in Ukraine

Euro-Asia Division News & Adventist Review

Activities organized by an informal stargazing club have led to dozens of people requesting Bible studies in Ukraine. From June 30 to July 2, visitors to a “Generation Strong” event in Teplyk, Vinnytsia Region, answered astronomy quizzes, took part in informative lectures and lined up for telescope observation sessions of the moon, Jupiter, and Saturn. Guests were also provided with science-based facts, many of which suggest the presence of intelligent design in the universe.

On the first evening, organizers handed out a quiz with easy-to-answer astronomy questions, and prizes were given in two categories—Children and Adult. The super prize was a colorfully decorated double DVD with creationist documentary films about space.

The discussion was focused on “The Large-Scale Structure of the Universe,” as over 100 visitors were invited to get acquainted with the figures surrounding the incredibly massive size of the known universe. Towards the end of the night program, there was a time for Q&A, just before everyone rushed to the street to watch the Moon through two telescopes. The activity proved to be so successful that even after 10 pm, many did not want to leave.

“The Star We Call ‘Sun,’” was the topic of the second night. Guests learned many interesting facts about the sun, which explain why our planet is the only one in the solar system suitable for life. Telescope observation at the end of the program was focused on Jupiter and its satellites.

The final, third-day program was entitled “A Predicted Picture of the World.” The discussion was focused on some of the big names in astronomy history—Galileo, Kepler, Newton, etc.—and the importance these scientists ascribed to the Bible. Just before visitors rushed to the street to spend time watching Saturn and its rings through the telescopes, everyone was invited to fill a feedback survey, which also included an invitation to request Bible studies. Dozens of people left their contact information and accepted to begin formal Bible studies.

“In our opinion, the large percentage of visitors who agreed to study the Bible reflects the success of the event in providing sound data for scientific creationism,” said church organizers.

“After three evenings confronting various aspects of science and the Bible, we witnessed a change,” said organizers. “We perceived people became more open and ready to include a biblical approach to their understanding of astronomy principles. The event was a big success.”