September 28, 2023

Sri Lanka College and Seminary Celebrates 100 Years of Mission and Service

Leaders said the school is committed to preparing students to serve God and neighbor.

Edward Rodriguez, Southern Asia-Pacific Division, and Adventist Review
Lakpahana Adventist College and Seminary in Sri Lanka celebrated its centennial in its current campus in Mailapitiya, September 7-11. [Photo: courtesy of Mary Sinniah]

Lakpahana Adventist College and Seminary in Sri Lanka celebrated its incredible journey to the century mark with a five-day celebration on its current campus in Mailapitiya, September 7-11. The commemoration served as a powerful symbol of the institution’s unwavering dedication to its original goals, school leaders said.

The institution’s centenary anniversary was a fitting tribute to its long heritage, leaders said. Many successful alumni have visited their alma mater to speak with current students and share their experiences. Southern Asia-Pacific Division president Roger Caderma and associate treasurer Sweetie Ritchil visited the school to inspire students and faculty.

School parades, cultural performances, and spiritual meetings were just some of the activities that guests engaged in over the course of the gathering. These served as a springboard for thinking about the institution’s history and its potential in the present and future.

In his address to the institution, Caderma praised Lakpahana Adventist College and Seminary for being true to its founding principles. “This institution has not only prepared students academically but has also instilled in them the values of service and compassion. It is a beacon of hope and enlightenment in our region,” he said.

Ritchil agreed, reiterating the importance of the school in developing future spiritual and civic leaders.

Mission and Vision

Preparing students to serve God and their neighbors is Lakpahana Adventist College and Seminary’s primary goal, school leaders said. Since its founding a century ago, this guiding idea has served as the cornerstone of the school’s pedagogical approach.

The institution’s mission also goes well beyond the scope of traditional academics. “Lakpahana Adventist College and Seminary focuses equal value on academic rigor and the provision of vocational skills through work-study programs,” school leaders reported. “This method provides students with the tools they need to become productive members of society.”

A Brief Look Back at the Past

In 1923, in the town of Moratuwa in Sri Lanka, Lakpahana Adventist College and Seminary opened its doors as a primary school. The organization has grown and changed over the years. Its current location in Mailapitiya, Sri Lanka, is 150-acre (61-hectare) former coconut farm that was purchased by the government in 1952. The peaceful, verdant setting is conducive to study, and it also demonstrates the school’s concern for the environment.

The modern Lakpahana Adventist College and Seminary campus is well organized, with separate dormitories for boys and girls as well as housing for faculty and staff. The site has both academic buildings and several industrial buildings that are used for various vocational and technical education courses.

“Graduates from Lakpahana Adventist College and Seminary will be well-equipped for a wide range of careers and service opportunities thanks to the school’s emphasis on a well-rounded education,” school leaders said. “The school enters its second century with a renewed sense of purpose and dedication to its mission and vision. The centennial commemoration serves as a reminder that, while the school has developed over time, its essential ideals and commitment to holistic education remain intact. [The school] continues to equip students not just for academic success but also for lives of service, influence, and purpose as it looks to the future.”

The original version of this story was posted on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division news site.