March 7, 2024

Sahmyook University Welcomes 1,000 Students as It Graduates Another 1,000

South Korea’s primary Adventist educational institution continues thriving in that Asian nation.

Sahmyook University, and Adventist Review
First-year students attend the opening session of the Freshmen MVP Camp at Sahmyook University in Seoul, South Korea, February 19. [Photo: Sahmyook University]

Embarking on an educational and spirited journey, Sahmyook University set the stage for the Freshmen MVP Camp, which took place across various corners of the campus in Nowon-gu, Seoul, South Korea, from February 19-23. With its inception in 2010, this marks the 15th year of the initiative that helps new students meet their future companions and glean invaluable insights about university life before formal education begins.

The 2024 MVP Camp embraced more than 1,000 eager prospective students, selected on a first-come, first-served basis. A harmonious blend of academia and camaraderie, the attendees indulged in a two-night, three-day immersive campus experience.

Prospective freshmen found themselves engrossed in a rich tapestry of activities encompassing orientation rituals, departmental rendezvous, enlightening lectures, intimate small-group sessions, collective community endeavors, and the grand spectacle of the Sahmyook Festival. “Activities marked the commencement of their collegiate journey, a prelude to a vibrant and rewarding university sojourn,” school leaders said.

President Kim Il-Mok greeted prospective students and said: “The MVP Camp symbolizes the inaugural stride towards sculpting you, the fresh faces of the Class of 2024, into distinguished MVP talents. Here’s to the four years ahead — a collaborative odyssey of shaping dreams. A warm and heartfelt welcome to our newest members of the Sahmyook family.”

Academic Year Commencement Ceremony

A few days before, on the morning of February 16, Sahmyook University hosted the commencement ceremony for the current academic year at the Missionary 70th Anniversary Memorial Hall.

School leaders, including Kim, vice president Kim Hyun-Hee, and Alumni Association president Oh Deok-Shin attended the ceremony, along with parents, well-wishers, and other guests and visitors. A total of 1,235 graduates received their degrees, including 1,086 bachelor’s degrees, 37 doctoral degrees, and 96 master’s degrees from Sahmyook’s general graduate school. There were also six master’s degree graduates from the School of Theology, nine from the Graduate School of Business, and one from the Graduate School of Clinical Nursing.

Students who excelled beyond academics received special recognitions for their contributions. These included Ham Seung-Woo (computer science)—a severely hearing-impaired student who won a gold medal as a national representative in the International Paralympic Skills Olympics in computer programming, and Nam Soo-Jin (theology), the 62nd Student Council president. Moreover, 69 international students from countries such as China, India, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Cameroon, and 26 students with disabilities were also among those who proudly donned their academic caps on this momentous occasion.

In his address titled “Become That One Person,” President Kim emphasized that the ability to change the world starts from small but principled actions. “Embody these principles, and become the kind of individuals who, through righteous actions, contribute positively to society,” Kim said. “It is my hope that all graduates become ‘that one person,’ blessing their homeland, alma mater, and neighbors.”

The original version of this story was posted on the Sahmyook University news site.