March 5, 2014

​SAD Celebrates 2014 as Year of the Literature Evangelist

BY TERCIO MARQUES, South American Division
shing director

To celebrate the ministry of literature evangelists and affirm
their calling, the South American Division (SAD) scheduled a series of
union-wide Literature Evangelist (LE) Congresses. As of February, three unions
have already conducted LE congresses, coordinated in the following unions by
their respective Publishing directors:

South Brazil UnionwebSouth Brazil Union

January 28-30

Hélio Machado

Northwest Brazil UnionwebNorthwest Brazil Union

February 3-5

Cicero Rodrigues

Bolivia Union

February 10-12

Fabio Novais

these events literature evangelists were honored, recognized, and awarded for
their commitment, years of service, and performance.

In the
Bolivia Union, the LE Congress featured a dedication service for newly
credentialed literature evangelists. This service confirmed their calling and
challenged them to remain faithful and maintain their status. It also motivated
other LEs to work harder

Howard F.
Faigao, General Conference publishing director, attended each congress, as did
SAD publishing house leaders and union administrators.