April 25, 2014

Publishing Houses Re-structure Under Consideration

In June of 2013 the administrations of the General Conference
of Seventh-day Adventists and its North American Division asked the boards of
Pacific Press Publishing Association and Review and Herald Publishing
Association to consider a merger in order to achieve publishing and production
efficiencies. The boards of both publishing houses expressed a readiness to
study and respond to a detailed merger proposal being developed by a taskforce
composed of representatives from the General Conference, the North American
Division, and both publishing houses. In the course of its assignment the
taskforce came to the conclusion that it was best not to proceed with a merger. Consequently, the plan was discontinued and no
proposal was submitted to the boards.

As with the publishing industry in general, financial
challenges have continued. In response, the General Conference and North American Division administrations have
examined available options other than merger.
A proposal under development is to maintain two publishing entities, one
attached to the General Conference and the other attached to the North American
Division. The unit attached to the
General Conference would not operate printing and production facilities. Instead, the printing and production needs of
this house would be entrusted to the North American Division’s publishing

On April 24, 2014, the General Conference and North American
Division administrations requested the boards of both publishing houses to
indicate their readiness to receive a formal proposal for the restructuring of
publishing in the North American Division.
A prepared statement to the boards from Ted Wilson, General Conference president, and Dan Jackson, North American Division president, affirmed that
“the publishing ministries will be a dynamic part of the Revelation 18
prophetic mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.” Further, the two presidents agreed that
“neither…the Review and Herald nor the Pacific Press, has a strong future
without an integral involvement with the NAD and its mission outreach.”

Both boards have responded positively. Within the next few weeks the specific
details of a restructuring plan will be completed and submitted to the boards
for their response.