September 6, 2014

Online Conference to Teach Adventists How to Manage Resources

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is holding a global stewardship conference later this month to educate church leaders and members on biblical principles
of planning and managing resources.

The World Stewardship Online Conference is set for Sept. 19 to 21 and will be
offered in four languages — English, French, Portuguese and Spanish — as well
as closed captioning in English.

Stewardship Ministries director Erika Puni said the conference was an
opportunity to integrate Christian stewardship into the education process of

<strong>CONFERENCE ORGANIZER:</strong> Erika Puni, director of Stewardship Ministries, addressing the world church's Annual Council meeting last fall as his associate Larry Evans looks on.r. Photo: ANN“As the church continues to grow, stewardship education is part of the
nurturing of our people,” Puni said. 

A major focus of Stewardship Ministries is management of personal finance and
tithing. Puni said members who don’t tithe typically forget rather than don’t
believe in the concept. 

The conference will offer numerous seminars on a range of stewardship
subjects, including budgeting, property and Christian ethics.

The conference, which will be streamed live from the denomination’s world
headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland, is jointly sponsored by the Adventist world church’s Stewardship
Ministries department and the Inter-American Division. 

Speakers are to include Adventist Church President Ted N.C. Wilson, Vice Presidents
Pardon Mwansa and Ben Schoun, Inter-American Division President Israel Leito,
and Andrews Seminary professor Jo Ann Davidson. The conference will feature
training workshops, panel discussions, question-and-answer sessions, and
worship and musical presentations.

The conference will be the first global advisory held online from the
denomination’s headquarters. Church leaders said recent technology upgrades to
the church’s Web site would enable greater collaboration in the future.

“We are excited to begin hosting events on our new platform and
to partner with other departments,” said Andrew King, assistant communication
director for the Web site. “We’re wanting people to realize the benefits of
making their events available to a much wider audience through the Internet.”

For more information and to register for the World Steward Online Conference, visit