November 2, 2015

Updated: North American Division Elects Leadership

The North American Division Executive Committee has elected a group of leaders to oversee the Seventh-day Adventist Church’s work in North America, Bermuda, and Guam and Micronesia during its year-end meetings.

The division’s top three posts — president, executive secretary, and treasurer — were filled at the General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas, last July. Candidates for the rest of the division’s administration and departments will be elected to five-year terms at the weeklong meetings in Silver Spring, Maryland.

“The Nominating Committee brought back partial reports to the members of the 2015 NAD year-end meeting,” the North American Division said in a statement late Friday. “After prayerful consideration, the following names were presented and overwhelmingly approved by the Executive Committee.”

The names of people elected on Friday and Sunday are:

Vice Presidents

  • Larry Blackmer – vice president for education
  • Paul Brantley – vice president for strategic planning and assessment
  • Debra Brill – vice president for church ministries
  • Ernest Castillo – vice president for multilingual ministries
  • Alvin Kibble – vice president for executive leadership, training and development, communication, social media, public affairs and religious liberty, publishing, regional conferences/ministries
  • Gordon Pifher – vice president for media

Officers for Guam-Micronesia

  • Delbert Baker, president
  • Remenster Jano, secretary
  • Victor Shepherd Pottinger, treasurer


  • Kyoshin Ahn – associate secretary


  • Michael Jamieson – under treasurer
  • Sharon Mabena – associate treasurer
  • Michael Park – associate treasurer

Department Directors and Associate Directors

  • J. Alfred Johnson II – Adult Ministries, director
  • Paul Anderson – Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, director
  • Maitland DiPinto – Adventist Community Services, community engagement, director
  • Sung Kwon – Adventist Community Services, executive director
  • Sheri Uhrig – Children’s Ministries, director
  • Daniel Weber – Communication, director
  • Julio Muñoz – Communication, associate director
  • Arne Nielsen – Education, associate director; director, secondary/accreditation
  • Carol Campbell – Education, associate director; director, elementary/curriculum
  • Davenia Lea – Education, associate director; director, early childhood education
  • Claudio Consuegra – Family Ministries, director
  • Pamela Consuegra – Family Ministries, associate director
  • Ivan Williams – Ministerial Association, director
  • Jose Cortes Jr. – Ministerial Association, associate director
  • David Gemmell – Ministerial Association, associate director
  • Esther Knott – Ministerial Association, associate director
  • Elden Ramirez – Office of Volunteer Ministries, director
  • Melissa Reid – Public affairs and religious liberty department, associate director; associate editor, Liberty magazine
  • John Mathews – Stewardship Ministries, director
  • Carla Baker – Women’s Ministries, director
  • James Black Sr. – Youth Ministries, director
  • Armando Miranda Jr. – Youth Ministries, associate director
  • Tracy Wood – Youth Ministries, associate director