January 15, 2024

‘Moses, a Life of Miracles’ Sculpture Unveiled

Victor Issa’s work of art to be revealed at the 2024 International Pathfinder Camporee.

Amanda Kent, Boundless Media; and Victor Issa, for North American Division News
Sculptor Victor Issa stands with completed clay sculpture of “Moses, A Life of Miracles,” to be revealed in August during the 2024 Believe the Promise International Pathfinder Camporee. [Photo: Victor Issa Studios]

Victor Issa, an award-winning sculptor and acclaimed artist, has completed a 3/4-life-size clay sculpture for bronze titled, “Moses, A Life of Miracles.” This work of art, meticulously crafted over 18 months, intricately chronicles the life of Moses from infancy to his contemplative moments on Mount Nebo.

The reveal is set to take center stage during the 2024 International Pathfinder Camporee event in August. The commissioning organization, the Center for Youth Evangelism, serves as the sponsor of the International Pathfinder Camporee — an expansive gathering occurring every five years since 1985. More than 57,000 attendees from around the world are expected to converge on Gillette, Wyoming, United States, for the six-day event. The theme for this year is “Believe the Promise,” which features the inspiring story of Moses.

“I have long desired to create a sculpture of Moses,” Issa said. “When the director of the camporee, Ron Whitehead, invited me to consider such a sculpture, I pondered what to focus on, what to include and exclude. It was not an easy choice.

“I really wanted to create a strong work that not only tells a story but invites the viewers to reflect on the vastness of this godly man’s miraculous life and his contributions,” Issa said.

MosesR sculpture VictorIssa
The right side of the sculpture “Moses, A Life of Miracles,” with the final two scenes below it. [Photo: Victor Issa Studios]

The centerpiece captures Moses on Mount Nebo, reflecting on the miracles that defined his profound relationship with God. Surrounding him are pivotal scenes, including the discovery of Baby Moses, the burning bush encounter, the powerful confrontation with Pharaoh, Moses dividing the Red Sea, and more. Issa’s goal was to create a piece transcending storytelling, encouraging viewers to reflect on Moses’ remarkable life. Moses, who spent extensive time in direct communion with God, fervently longed to see God’s face without barriers — an emotion resonating with the human desire to see loved ones.

“From an infant, until he closed his eyes on Mount Nebo, the story of Moses is filled with drama, action, tragedy, celebrations, miracles, world-changing events, and tremendous historical and spiritual significance,” Issa said.

Created in his recently established studio in Brighton, Colorado, the sculpture is a testament to his artistic vision and unwavering dedication. Issa navigated numerous challenging decisions, ensuring careful consideration and attention to detail.

Issa, a leading figurative sculptor in America, is celebrated for his unique ability to breathe life into bronze with his hallmark style, "Creating Living Bronze.” With more than 40 years of professional sculpting experience, his works have graced exhibitions across America since 1985, finding a place in private and public collections globally. He is also an elected member of the prestigious Allied Artists of America.

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