May 9, 2014

Portugal: Adventists Distribute 200,000 Books

In Portugal, 200,000 copies of the book Beyond Imagination were distributed on April 12. During a
special dedication worship in the Adventist church at Setúbal, Wilmar Hirle,
associate director of the General Conference Publishing Department, highlighted
the importance of the publishing ministry for outreach. The entire program was
broadcasted on Hope Channel Portugal. Hirle also shared reports and testimonies
about the church’s publishing ministries around the world.

After the service, the audience shared Beyond Imagination in the city of Setúbal. More than 120
participants went on the streets and distributed more than 11,000 books.

Following the return to the church of those who had distributed
the book, the afternoon was filled with engaging testimonies and experiences. Adventists
throughout Portugal distributed 200,000 copies of Beyond Imagination.

The book focuses upon some of the wonders of the universe and of
life on our planet. Yet, more importantly, readers explore the wonder of their
own existence and speaks to key questions of life involving human existence and

Beyond Imagination does not only represent a
journey of discovery of the wonders of life but, even more remarkable, points
to a love that is truly beyond imagination.

The volume can be
ordered at: