February 20, 2014

​‘Meaningful Beginning and Hopeful Future’ in Denmark


In January, Janos Kovacs-Biro, Trans-European Division
Ministerial Association secretary, conducted a two-week evangelistic series in
Odense, Denmark. The meeting came at the end of a large experimental outreach initiative
held throughout Denmark, which featured
lectures at universities and the Henry Stober creation movie.

The target audience for the Odense meetings included
contacts from the movie, spouses of Adventist members, and contacts from other
church activities. The series aim was to build faith in Jesus and appeal for
decisions to follow Him and be baptized.

Despite handing out 10,000 flyers, advertising in the
newspaper, and personal invitations, all of the people who attending had
previous contact with the church through other outreach activities. Between 20
and 40 people attended the meetings nightly.

The theme of the 18-night series was “Meaningful
Beginning and Hopeful Future.” Kovacs-Biro told God’s story from creation to
the earth made new. He covered topics from the Adventist Church’s 28
fundamental beliefs and appealed to attendees to embrace the seventh-day
Sabbath and get baptized. Kovacs-Biro’s presentations, using stories from the
Bible and everyday life, connected well with the audience, leaving a deep impression
on church members and visitors alike.

As a result of the series, most visitors made a
decision to incorporate the Sabbath observance into their lives, and two
individuals who had previously contemplated baptism made the decision to be