June 28, 2023

Malaysian Youth Respond Positively to the Youth Alive Initiative

Leaders call young people to make positive choices and embrace their faith.

Edward Rodriguez, Southern Asia-Pacific Division, and Adventist Review
More than 300 young people from Malaysia and Brunei recently met at the Youth Alive event organized by the Adventist Church in Malaysia. [Photo: courtesy of Lalaine Alfanoso]

More than 300 young people from Malaysia and Brunei recently met at the Youth Alive event, organized by the Adventist Church in Malaysia (MAUM), in what leaders considered a demonstration of solidarity and determination. MAUM health director Jane Yap and youth director Farrel Gara collaborated on this effort in Goshen, Sabah, which intended to empower young people and offer them essential skills to overcome vices and addictions through the strength of faith in Jesus.

Youth Alive is an initiative of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists that empowers youth and young adults to make healthy choices, thereby increasing their resilience. Teens can better understand their gifts and their purpose by participating in the Youth Alive Program.

The ongoing rise in drug misuse across nations is concerning, prompting numerous organizations and institutions to devise novel approaches to attracting young people and effecting positive change in their lives, leaders explained.

“The Youth Alive initiative gave young people the opportunity to express themselves and hear experiences from others who had gone through similar hardships and obstacles,” leaders said. “Delegates heard inspirational stories from speakers about how they overcame peer pressure and the influence of negative media to become better people themselves.” 

Organizers made certain that events stimulated personal and spiritual development as well as a sense of belonging through a community group that can be relied on and health advice from leaders and professionals in the area.

The distinguished guests attending included Malaysian Youth Federation president Abqaree Fawwaz Bin Abekan and Edith Clarrisa, a representative from Malaysia's Anti-Drug Enforcement Agency. The guests emphasized the value of the Youth Alive Program and its rippling effect on the lives of young people and their families.

In her message during the meeting, Yap stressed the necessity of providing an alternate path for young people, allowing them to shift their attention away from vices and addiction. “Our goal is to provide youth with the tools they need to make positive choices, embrace their faith, and live meaningful lives,” she said.

Gara shared her views, emphasizing Jesus’ transformational power in conquering obstacles. “Through this ministry, we hope to instill in our youth the values of love, compassion, and self-discipline, thereby empowering them to become influential leaders in their communities,” he said.

Yap, Gara, and the organizing committee extended their profound gratitude to all attendees, volunteers, and guest speakers as the event came to a close. “Keep making positive choices,” leaders told young people. “And be inspired by these newfound relationships and experiences.”

The original version of this story was posted in the Southern Asia-Pacific Division news site.