March 25, 2014

MagaBook Students Launch Miami Initiative


The 2013 year-end school break
yielded another stellar job by Florida Conference’s student MagaBook team. Two
of the program’s four leaders, Anwar Bowes and Fabian Dzul, led 24 students who
solicited $36,000 in donations with $25,000 allotted for scholarships.

The students
contacted 40,000 people in the Miami area and were the first part of Florida
Conference’s Mission to the Cities initiative. They distributed more than 2,800 books
and gathered 50 Bible study interests.

The young
people, mostly college students from six universities, shared many experiences.
One student, Luis Ramos, saved a family’s house from burning down. People were
fighting the fire with buckets of water, but when Luis silently prayed, “Lord,
please put this fire out,” it was immediately extinguished. The family told
Luis that his visit saved their home.

canvasser Joalicia Lopez, with many tears, was ready to leave the program after
her first day. One of the first individuals she approached was extremely rude
to her. After prayers and encouragement from her leaders and fellow students,
she stayed. With God’s help, Joalicia was one of the top students in this
winter’s program.

The MagaBook
program especially thanks Miami Temple Church Pastor David Monsalve and the
members for their kindness in hosting the students during the year-end
canvassing program.