March 18, 2014

London Ghana Church Leads Gift Aid Returns

The London Ghana church is now an
established pacesetter in Gift Aid, a British program that increases the
value of donations to charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs by allowing
them to reclaim basic rate tax on one’s gift. This can significantly increase
the value of tithes and offerings returned using the Gift Aid program. For
three consecutive years now the London Ghana church has set the lead in returns
in both the South England Conference and across the British Isles.

In appreciation and recognition of
this, the SEC presented its annual award shield to the church as the one that
best demonstrates the spirit of giving. This past year London Ghana became the
first church in the history of the SEC to pass the £110,000 (US$182,000) mark for Gift Aid
return in one year. On Sabbath, 8 March they were awarded their third SEC

The giving spirit of members of the
London Ghana church has been an inspiration to many a church and a number of
other churches have enquired and have started learning from their experience.
London Ghana has targeted to raise £90,000 (US$149,000) this year through voluntary giving
besides tithe and offerings.