July 24, 2023

Life-Size Tabernacle Replica Built as a Teaching Tool for Youths

More than 800 teenagers gathered for the display in Puno.

Liseht Santos, South American Division, and Adventist Review
Church members and visitors listen to a reenactment of the daily service at the tabernacle in the desert. [Photo: Oscar Martinez, MLT Communications]

A life-size replica of the earthly sanctuary was the latest initiative of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in southern Peru to share with and inspire a new, younger generation of church members, regional church leaders recently shared. The Sanctuary and Salvation exhibition, an initiative of the regional Adolescents’ Ministries department of the Adventist Church, developed and displayed an earthly sanctuary replica as part of a wider initiative that connected seven church mission fields simultaneously.

According to regional church leaders, the goal of this event was to assist teenagers with resources and topics that may help them to understand God’s love and His plan of salvation for each one of His children. “Displayed materials on the sanctuary and salvation were a summary of the instructions Moses received from God, as they are recorded in the Bible books of Exodus and Leviticus,” leaders behind the initiative explained. “This was to provide context to help teenagers better understand the rationale and origin of the heavenly sanctuary as it is described in the book of Hebrews.”

Thus the initiative sought to recreate the history of the earthly sanctuary that the people of Israel built in the desert with objects that teenagers could see and touch. Actors used props to give vivid reenactments of the daily services, which illustrate Jesus’ work of intercession on behalf of people in the heavenly sanctuary.

Held in the Lake Titicaca Mission, the special reenactment event drew more than 800 teenagers. Youths and their leaders gathered at the main auditorium of Peruvian Adventist University (UPeU) – Juliaca Campus, where they visited the life-size tabernacle built especially for the event.

The Sanctuary and Salvation event and exhibit left a deep imprint on the heart of every teenager present, church leaders said. “It strengthened their faith and understanding of the plan of salvation, and it led to eight people deciding to be baptized,” they shared.

As part of the program, groups were divided into 12 “tribes” or groups, and teenagers participated in 12 hands-on workshops on the meaning of the tabernacle sections and sanctuary furniture built according to God’s instructions. The activity also emphasized that the earthly sanctuary was a copy of the true tabernacle in heaven, according to the Bible. It also led participants to reflect on Jesus, who is now the center of the sanctuary work of intercession.

Among the youth leaders present were Maritza Heidinger, leader of Adolescents’ Ministries for the Central Peru Conference; Miriam Calla, local youth leader; other regional church leaders and members; and special guests. Musical ensemble G-Teen from UPeU – Juliaca Campus provided instrumental and vocal inspiration to participants.

The activity closed with a call to commitment by Joel Güimac from the South Peru Union Mission.

The original version of this story was posted on the South American Division Spanish-language news site.