July 14, 2023

Lay-led Evangelistic Campaign Leads 1,700 People to Baptism

ASi-organized initiative shares the gospel message in a comprehensive way.

Nadeth Quinto, Central Philippine Union Conference, and Adventist Review
Adventist Churches in the central Philippines recently concluded a weeklong simultaneous evangelism series that resulted in 1,721 baptisms on June 3. [Photo: Central Philippine Union Conference]

Adventist Churches in the central Philippines recently concluded a weeklong simultaneous evangelism series that resulted in 1,721 baptisms on June 3. During the series, individuals made the life-changing decision to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

The Adventist Laymen’s Services and Industries (ASi), an organization dedicated to support the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, organized the evangelism initiative across the region. The series sought to engage the local community and share the hope and salvation found in Christ, organizers said.

Bernie Maniego, communication director for the Central Philippine Union Conference (CPUC) of the Adventist Church and ASi coordinator in the central Philippines, expressed his appreciation to all the leaders from the Southern Asia-Pacific region (SSD), the CPUC, all the conferences and missions, and local churches. He especially acknowledged the instrumental roles played by ASi coordinators and chapter officers in making this evangelistic initiative a resounding success.

“The dedication, commitment, and tireless efforts we have invested during the ASi mega-evangelistic series have touched the lives of countless individuals and led them to embrace the Adventist faith. To God be the glory for this remarkable achievement. We praise Him for His abundant blessings!” he said.

Working in collaboration with several Adventist churches, the ASi initiative implemented a comprehensive approach to evangelism in the central Philippines. The weeklong campaign encompassed a diverse array of activities, including both physical and virtual preaching sessions broadcast live via GSAT Channel 37, Hope Channel Central and South Philippines, and other substations. Participants also took part in prayer meetings, Bible studies, health seminars, health expos, and community service projects. This multifaceted strategy aimed to address the spiritual, physical, and social needs of the local community, creating an all-encompassing environment of faith, education, and service.

Conrado Avila, CPUC ASi president, said he was thankful to God for the success of the initiative. According to him, it was the first time that all conferences and missions had simultaneously engaged in such an endeavor.

“Enthusiasm remains high, and plans are already underway for a second season next year, by God’s grace,” Avila said. “This undertaking will rely on the cooperation of our administrators and the dedication of our chapter officers and members.”

Jonathan Lamorin, SSD ASi vice president for special projects, also extended his heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to everyone. “Everyone’s invaluable contributions of time, ideas, and resources played a vital role in reaching out to hundreds and thousands of individuals and witnessing their spiritual conversion,” he said.

Several new believers shared their life stories, like Virginia Cernias, a 79-year-old from Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental. Through her spiritual journey, she discovered the significance of worshiping on the Sabbath, recognizing that Jesus died on Friday and rested on Saturday. She was grateful for the opportunity to be baptized. While she regretted the time she lived without knowing the Bible truth for her life, she said she felt happy to start a new life in Christ. “Thank you, Lord! Hallelujah!” she said after being baptized on June 3.

While ASi celebrated the success of the evangelistic initiative in the central Philippines, the organization leaders said they recognize the importance of ongoing support and nurture of the newly baptized members. Care groups wholeheartedly committed to guiding and mentoring these individuals, helping them grow in the knowledge of Christ, and providing unwavering support on their spiritual journey.

ASi leaders also recommitted themselves to keep serving and working to share “a message of hope, love, and salvation to every corner of the world.” “We are chosen for mission,” they said at the end of the evangelistic celebration. “We will go!”

The original version of this story was posted on the Southern Asia-Pacific Division news site.