February 7, 2014

​Korea's Ansan Adventist Multi-cultural Family Service Center Holds Winter VBS

The Ansan Adventist Multi-cultural
Family Service Center in Korea held a Winter Vacation Bible School (WVBS) for
the many children attending the center. This WVBS was held as a result of the
growing number of children enrolled at the 'Mother & Child Establishment'
and the 'Kindergarten' business, established to help spread the gospel to the
children and their families.

multi-cultural kids attended Bible school and listened to the Bible stories
told engagingly by senior pastor Young-soo Kim. The children wrote letters to
Jesus, learned new songs, and played interesting recreational games. As a
follow up to the meetings a festival was organized by the Russian School and
Kindergarten where the children learned action songs and dances.

Through this WVBS the children learned
about Jesus and enjoyed many different activities. Service center leaders
believe it’s important to educate about their faith at a young age. They plan
to develop the program into a Sabbath School and Pathfinder curriculum in the
church for the near future.

Despite the cold weather this past
January, the children of the center went to the Happiness Etiquette Education
Center in Ansan city to learn about the Korean traditional New Year's Bow and
to experience the traditional way of drinking tea. They had fun together
learning to play yut, how to wear Han-bok, and practicing New Year's Bow.

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