Inter-America Launches ‘All the Family in Mission’ for 2024

Comprehensive evangelism initiatives are set to involve every member, leaders say.

Libna Stevens, Inter-American Division News
Inter-America Launches ‘All the Family in Mission’ for 2024
Administrators from the North Colombia Union get ready to march with their banner in commitment to “All the Family in Mission.” [Photo: Libna Stevens/IAD]

Seventh-day Adventist leaders from the Inter-American Division (IAD) launched their comprehensive evangelism initiatives and activities for 2024 during a special online program October 28, amid the church’s Year-End Meetings in Miami, Florida, United States.

Themed “All the Family in Mission,” the year-round initiative seeks to engage participation from all members of the church in fulfillment of its mission, said IAD vice president Balvin Braham, who oversees evangelism. “We want to involve every member in the family of God to be engaged in preaching the everlasting gospel, because it won’t be long … Jesus will come and we shall be home,” Braham said. This is about seeing leaders and members participating in both personal and public evangelism outreach initiatives with the goal of more member involvement in missions, he explained.

The initiative will focus on four principal dynamics, Braham explained: “Growing in the faith, serving in the community, sharing the gospel, and reaping God’s harvest.” Building relationships at every level is key, he said. “Children in mission, young people in mission, families in mission, young adults in mission, couples in mission, singles in mission. All focused on the mission that will see God’s kingdom growing, discipling others for Jesus, and preparing for His soon coming,” Braham said.

In preparation for the specific initiative goals, the first three months of the year will see enlisted pastoral families, children, youth, and young adults participating in spiritual growth activities.

Evangelism goals for 2024 include involving at least 120,000 families, 200,000 singles, and 15,000 local churches within the IAD in the initiative. Another goal involves engaging at least one million laypersons as Bible instructors and 300,000 families in witnessing to at least one family. The initiative would also like to see 100,000 small groups participating in evangelism, thousands participating in community projects, and at least one million people impacted by health ministry interventions during the year.

Quarterly reaping campaigns will see massive coordinated baptismal ceremonies throughout the IAD territory on April 20, June 29, and September 28, Braham said.

IAD president Elie Henry encouraged union administrators and other viewers not to put off doing God’s work. “We must worship God faithfully and listen to His Word as a priority, for God is inviting us in mission to help each other, love each other, encourage one another,” Henry said. “Our mission is to prepare our young people to live as citizens of the kingdom, forming them as disciples of the Lord so they take part in the work of His church.” Our job, he added, is to train men and women who will become servants in the church and proclaim the gospel to others by praying for conversion as well as integrating new people into the church.

Henry encouraged leaders and members to actively participate in the mission. It’s not just knowing about the mission, he said, but going into action in the mission.  It takes a lot of work and requires planning and perspiration, he said. “We have to get up and get active in planning, building tools, materials, time, talents, finances, and each one of us has a part to do,” Henry said.

The task is grand, Henry said, but “when we are with God, success is guaranteed because God affirms to us that He is with us, so we have nothing to fear.”

He added, “There are so many people around us in Mexico, all of Central America, in the islands, Venezuela, Colombia, so many who need to come to Jesus, and we have to build that great family of God, announcing that Jesus is coming soon. Let us be ready to move into action.”

IAD administrators, department heads, and executive committee members from across the 24 unions, or major regions, took part in affirming their commitment to leading the church membership to jumpstart its evangelism efforts weeks before the new year begins to spread the gospel in their communities, cities, and regions.

The launch reviewed additional initiatives and resources that will be available to keep members committed to evangelism, discipleship, and retention of new members in 2024.

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Libna Stevens, Inter-American Division News