September 17, 2020

In Brazil, Pathfinders Stage Drive-in Celebration of Their World Day

Leonardo Saimon, South American Division, and Adventist Review

Dozens of drivers parked their cars at the Vitória international airport in Espírito Santo, Brazil, to join the celebration of World Pathfinders Day on September 12, 2020. The event brought together a number of Seventh-day Adventist church leaders and Pathfinders from the region for a drive-in event.

Nearly 10,000 people are involved in the Pathfinder ministry in the north-central region of  Espírito Santo, according to an unofficial estimate.

The Saturday (Sabbath) afternoon program included a video commemoration and the arrival of leaders riding motorcycles, leaders reported. The opening of the ceremony included the ceremonial placement of the hatchet, which usually marks this type of programming. Fireworks added to the festive spirit of the celebrations.

Regional Pathfinder leader Carlos Eduardo Petter said he believes the celebration program ascribed a renewed meaning to the Pathfinder movement, due to the difficult time clubs are going through.

“This celebration is much more special,” Petter said. “Clubs have shown that despite the isolation, they are reinventing themselves. And we made the most of the occasion so that they were able to somehow meet.”

The celebration also marked the return to the stage of the F4ces Ministry quartet after almost six months without face-to-face presentations due to the coronavirus. The musical ministry also marked its 10th anniversary as a quartet.

“It is a very special moment for us!” said Wallison Adriel, one of the singers. “We were longing to follow people’s testimonies and to partake in interaction that only the face-to-face environment can provide us.”

Baptismal Ceremony

Estevão Gomes had challenged himself to study the Bible with someone this year. He decided to offer this possibility to João Araújo, a friend he used to attend school with.

“I prayed, and everything went well,” said Gomes when retelling his experience as a Bible instructor. “I felt a sense of accomplishment, as I realized that even a person with shortcomings can be used by the Holy Spirit.”

After studying the Bible with Gomes, Araújo decided to be baptized. “I was at home playing when Estevão offered to help me study the Bible. He had already offered his assistance last year, but I had rejected it,” he said.

Araújo was welcomed by the Pathfinders, who celebrated his decision to accept Jesus and be baptized.

“This was not an event for its own sake,” Petter reminded his drive-in audience. “Don’t forget that as Pathfinders, our mission is to help save others by giving them hope.”

The original version of this story was posted on the South American Division Portuguese-language news site.