Hundreds Are Baptized Throughout Colombia in Ongoing Evangelistic Efforts

With the support of It Is Written, series mobilizes church members across the nation.

Cristin Serrano and Laura Acosta, and Inter-American Division News
Hundreds Are Baptized Throughout Colombia in Ongoing Evangelistic Efforts
Newly baptized members are congratulated during a Sabbath worship celebration in the city of Cúcuta. [Photo: North Colombia Union]

Recently, hundreds of people were baptized across Colombia thanks to a nationwide evangelistic series that mobilized regional church leaders and members to spread the good news of the gospel.

In the North Colombia Union, 370 people were baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Cúcuta thanks to the Escrito está (It Is Written) evangelistic series in that city. The October 14-21 meetings, which crowned months of preparation and Bible studies with interested people, featured Escrito está speaker and director Robert Costa under the theme, “Never Give Up, There’s Still Hope.”

The evangelistic series was an event that brought together 12 venues from the metropolitan areas of Cúcuta, Villa del Rosario, Patios, and Zulia. With support from local pastors and 40 ministers and pastors from the headquarters located in the northeast of Colombia, leaders formed a team that combined lay church members and church leaders. The venue for the first three nights was the Toto Hernandez Coliseum. The meeting location then shifted to Cúcuta’s Municipal Coliseum. Thousands of community and church members gathered to join in the worship and listen to a message from God’s Word.

“Personal testimonies and the feedback from those attending the evangelistic series revealed stories about the power of the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of people who decided to join the Adventist Church,” Costa wrote after the baptism. “The church was united in the fulfillment of the mission, and the faith of church members was strengthened by participating in what was a real ‘spiritual feast.’” According to organizers, more than 1,600 people attended the series each evening.

One of the young people baptized was Fredy Rozo, whose parents had five times previously denied him permission to get baptized. During the week of special evangelistic meetings, however, a leader from Rozo’s small group visited his parents once more and finally got permission for the young man to be baptized. Now, Rozo is a member committed to serving the Lord and the Adventist Church.

Deyanira’s family also accepted the message of hope. At the end of Costa’s series, she decided to be baptized. But she was not alone. Her husband and children, as well as several neighbors — 17 people — accepted Jesus and requested baptism. And all of it started thanks to a small group led by a church lady who led them through Bible studies.

The city of Cúcuta includes the regional church offices of the Northeast Colombia Conference of the Adventist Church. The city is a great field to fulfill the mandate of spreading God’s Word in the area and beyond, church leaders said.

In the South

In the South Colombia Union, the evangelistic caravan launched on November 4 in the city of Ibagué, with 128 baptisms and the presence of an official from the local mayor’s office, church leaders in the region said.

The Coliseo Mayor of Ibagué was the site chosen to launch the evangelistic tour across southern Colombia. More than 3,000 people in search of spiritual renewal and hope attended. The event included the presence of religious and civic leaders, a choir of 180 voices that sang hymns of faith, and a series of baptisms that sealed the commitment of new believers to their Adventist faith.

A highlight was the passing of the torch to Williard Cano, president of the South Colombia Conference, which symbolized the beginning of this tour, which promises to bring light and hope to every corner of southern Colombia, organizers said.

Leidy Gómez, director of citizen services of the Ibagué mayor’s office, attended the event. “For us, the social assistance that Seventh-day Adventist pastors have been carrying out in Ibagué is of utmost importance, because it transforms the lives and families of citizens, something that leads to better societies,” Gómez said. “It is a special event, because we understand that glorifying God’s name brings blessings and a different atmosphere to this city. We are more than grateful for this event,” she concluded, stating that the local administration is open to keep collaborating with the Adventist Church in the region.

Cano reflected on the preparation for the event. “We have been preparing for this caravan since October 21 with impacts to the community with health expos, park cleanups, and health brigades,” Cano said. “It has led us to meet in different churches, parks, halls and centers, where we offered evangelistic meetings for 15 days that end today.”

The tour then continued November 5 in Chaparral, Tolima, with additional evangelistic meetings and baptismal ceremonies to be held on subsequent days, church leaders said.

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Cristin Serrano and Laura Acosta, and Inter-American Division News